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(Fire & Blood #2)
by Alexa B. James


The Truth About Cinder
(Evil Lies #1)
by Alta Hensley


Wicked Royals
(Ruthless Rulers Prequel)
by Stella Hart

#ReverseHarem #Dystopia #Vampires


#BDSM #DarkRomance #Dystopia


#DarkRomance #EroticSuspense

Deep in the cave kingdom of Nightendale, a vampire king holds me captive.

The deal with King Ravage seemed simple: become his blood consort for a year and all my debts would be absolved. I had no way to know of the steep price I would pay.

Daily feedings.
Constant surveillance.
For one night I will be his possession... mind, body, and soul.

Returning to the life of a vampire consort should have been easy. Yet I ache for the touch of the three lovers I was ripped away from. As the night with the vampire king looms, I suspect our devil’s bargain serves a darker purpose. If I hope to escape, I must act fast and know he will hunt me to the ends of the earth.

But my time in captivity has changed me. A dark power is rising within me that thirsts for vampire blood. Whatever this malicious threat is, it connects me with the king’s cruel mind. How do I escape a man who can find me in the shadows of my dreams?


The evil lies little girls are told…

There are hushed whispers about a wicked and decadent place known as the Palace of Lazar. A prince with insatiable tastes and the women who cater to it all. Feasts of pleasure, lust, and forbidden acts… all submitting to the sensual allure of the Harem.

But behind its bejeweled façade of luxury and pleasure lies a haunting and evil truth. A dark and perverse world that only the strong can survive.

A truth Cinder is about to learn when her fairytale dreams become twisted into a macabre masquerade of dancing vices.

Will she succumb to the demands of her current story, or cling to her fairytale ending?


A FREE peek behind the curtains at the wild, sinful lives of America’s elite. Uncover their scandalous secrets, twisted lies and wicked games…
Even if she doesn’t know it yet, she’s already mine.

I’m one of the richest men in the world, and I always get what I want. Right now, what I want most of all is her.

Willow Rhoades, the president’s beautiful young daughter.

She lives in the gilded, privileged world of American royalty, sheltered and untouched, but that won’t keep her safe from the likes of me. Her family owes mine an enormous debt, and when the time is right, I’ll be coming to collect the only form of payment they can offer.

Watch out, Willow. You’re about to become the property of Logan Thorne…

Wicked Royals is the free prequel to the Ruthless Rulers trilogy.

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