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Cross Promo Opportunity for DARK Kindle Freebies and Discounted Kindle eBooks.

Our cross promo is an author cross promotion opportunity and will occur once per month.

If you sign up, you will be automatically enrolled and won’t need to sign up again, saving you the time of filling out monthly google forms. If you cannot participate for a month, for whatever reason, that's okay. You will be contacted the following month for the next promotion.

How the promotion works:

You will be emailed every month in advance of the promotions and asked which of your titles you would like to list as free or discounted. Then, you will be emailed five to three days before the freebie/discount promotion goes live (which is first Sunday of the month). The email will contain a ready social media status and graphic, plus a newsletter ready post that will contain a link to the The DARK Newsletter website where readers can download the freebies/discounts, preventing you from having multiple links in your newsletter.
You can also send us a list of your planned bargains and freebies, so you can ignore your first email.


  • Maximum of 1 title/series per author for each promotion (anthologies excluded).
  • On the last sunday of every month, your title must be free or discounted on Amazon; however, preferably from Saturday til Monday - see below.
  • We do not accept Instafreebie or Bookfunnel freebies, or any other form of freebies except for Amazon Kindle.
  • Your book must have a 3.5 star rating or higher on Amazon.
  • Your title must be listed in the dark romance/ dark erotica or dark fantasy genre, with all sub-genres accepted.
  • You must agree to share the approved social media status and graphic across all social media platforms, including your reader groups.


  • If you agree to put your book on sale (free or 99ct) on Saturday til Monday, your book will be promoted in the newsletter AND on social media
  • If you choose NOT put your book on sale for three days, you will only appear on the the social media graphic and not in our newsletter grafic.
  • Please, always double check your submissions. The organizers cannot correct errors.


If you have any questions, please contact via info@[thedarknewsletter].com

Please be aware that you will have to put info @ darkeroticbooks.com and info @ thedarknewsletter.com on your whitelist to ensure you will receive the newsletter.

The DARK Newsletter only contains new releases, sales, freebies, and recommendations of the darker genres of erotic romance and erotica and is free for everone.
We are Amazon affiliates and are paid through affiliate links.

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