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regular price: $3.99


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Interstellar Human Petting Zoo
(Possessive Aliens #2)
by Loki Renard


(American Street Kings #2)
by Bella J.


Unorthodox Therapy
(Unorthodox #1)
by Lilah E. Noir

#DarkScfi #DarkRomance


#Dark #Abuse #MC


#BDSM #DarkRomance #Abuse

The sign on my cage says I am exhibit #42, a real human female.
I don’t know where I came from. 
I don’t remember anything besides waking up in chains.
Thousands of alien creatures stare at me every day. Touch me. Treat me like an animal.
I can’t live like this.

When Death comes for me, I don’t fight him.
But he doesn’t kill me.
He breaks my chains.
Destroys my captors. 
And I fall in love.


Infatuation is a dangerous thing.

It devours you. Manipulates you. Owns you.

You can try to ignore it, try to move past it. But it's more powerful than you. It won't let go.

The day I first saw him, infatuation dug its claws into my soul. I couldn't stop it. Everything faded. Except him.

My infatuation blinded me. Made me see what it wanted me to see. Now I'm lost within the lie. Caged by the beast.

In the end, he will have me.

Until then...I fight.


She was his boss at work and his submissive at all times.
I'd never noticed him before.
He was just a lonely, scared boy when I hired him.
I was too busy to notice the lust in his eyes.
Now I'm at his feet begging for every bit of pleasure and pain he'll unleash on me.
She enthralled me.
Her body. Her mind. Her wicked laughter and unreadable eyes.
She was out of my league yet I knew what she longed for.
I only had two months to kill her nicotine addiction and make her crave me.
I'd use every trick I had to claim her as mine.

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