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(Vendetta #4)
by Leigh Kenzie


Loki's Luck
(The Demon Squad MC 3)
by Monique Moreau


(Bought by the Billionaires Book 1)
by Logan Fox

DarkRomance, Abuse, MM


DarkRomance, Crime, MC



My fury consumes me. Nobody is safe from it. I will bring my Emilio home. I will rebuild my empire. I’ll demolish anyone standing in my way.

He thinks he has me beat. He thinks he’s in control. If there’s one thing Master taught me, I make my own destiny. I’ll claw my own way out and when I do they’d better prepare. Nobody has ever seen the likes of me.

What happens when vengeance and fury twist together?

A damaged biker.

A younger woman.

An exchange of sex for secrets.

To punish himself for his baby brother's death, Loki is determined to live a life of abstinence—no partying, no women, no nothing. He stays focused by throwing himself into managing the MC's new gym. But when he's roped into teaching a self-defense class, the supervisor threatens his self-control. Although the annoying little pixie loves butting into his business, Loki’s gaze keeps returning to her luscious curves. Again and again.

As a social worker, Abby is called to help troubled souls and she's never met anyone more broken than Loki. Determined to heal him, she offers him a deal: he can have her—any way he wants—in exchange for stories from his past. Whatever it takes for her to uncover the truth, she's game. 

When Loki's enemies hurt Abby to get to him, the biker revs up for a long-overdue fight. He'll have to convince Abby she's safer by his side or risk losing her completely. 

  She needs money. He wants a new pet.

Sleeping with one of her customers is the last thing Pearl should be doing.
But after an eviction notice arrived on her door, she doesn't have a choice.
It helps that Owen is the sexiest guy she's ever seen.
But he wants more than just a one-night stand.
And no matter how much money she needs, that's a line she's not sure she's ready to cross.

He knew Pearl would be the perfect addition to the Fox Pit the moment she sashayed down the catwalk at a local strip joint.
The Fox Pit paid him to recruit new pets...not adopt them. So why were his dreams filled with the dark things he wanted to do to her?
He can't risk his job. It's more than a paycheck-it's his salvation.
Pearl is just another pet.
But that doesn't mean he can't break her in for them.
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