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A Touch of Dark
(Painted Sin #1)
by Lana Sky


A Desert King's Obsession
by Christine Gray


Hollow: Hollow Duet: Part 1
(The Hollow Duet)
by DD Prince

#DarkRomance #BDSM #Mafia


#DarkRomance #Multicultural


#DarkFantasy #Horror


Juliana Thorne is falling apart beneath her perfect façade. Haunted by a monster from her childhood, the sheltered socialite is slowly losing her mind—while a mysterious stranger seems to lurk around every corner, relishing in her demise.


A blind artist with a penchant for portraying darkness, Damien Villa harbors his own sinister intentions toward Juliana, but is he motivated by lust…

Or a desire for revenge?

Either way…

This is no fairytale.

4 weeks. 31 days is all I have to bask in a life that can never be mine. Never. It's nonsense. To a man like me, that's all that it calculates to. To be told that I can't have what I want is like saying the sands of the desert isn't hot.

"I'm never going to be yours," is what she claimed the last time I spoke to her. "It can never be a you and me. You know that, right?"

I actually think she believed that. However, as I said before, I don't take kindly to being told no....not when it comes to the woman that I love, the woman that I've waited to make my own...the woman that I know wants me too.

Chione has no idea that the hunter in me loves it when she runs. Silly girl should have learned by now that I am the crowned Sheikh Shahid Rajput, and I will get my bride!

The headless horseman of lore in Drowsy Hollow WILL capture Isabella Krane.
Where will he take her and what will he do with her when he gets her there?
Oh yes. This goes there.

*Dark? Yes!
*Dirty? Yes!
*Depraved? *insert evil laugh*

The witch who was supposed to cast the annual protection spell that keeps the legend in storybooks died. Her niece tried to make it... tried to get there in time to keep the evil contained, but she failed. So, she cast a different spell instead.

For the first time, the horseman is pursuing a female. He captures her and instead of being bloodthirsty, he's feeling a different kind of hunger.

A dark and erotic horror story by DD Prince, previously part of The Horror of Our Love anthology.

This tale of horror contains violence and a monster who does monstrous things. Read at your own risk

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