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by James Crow


(Deviant #1)
by Angela Snyder


Wild Elite
(Dark Dynasty 0.5)
by Stella Hart

#DarkRomance #BDSM





Emma Jane came into my life as a client – client number SIX
I opened her up to a whole new world of kinky pleasure.
She begged me to take it further and became my TOY
And then she became my wife – my insatiable wife.
Now, her birthday is coming up. What would I give my sex-mad wife?
The answer was simple. I’d give her more.
A whole lot MORE

When I meet Victoria, it's not for the first time like she believes.

Victoria doesn't remember me.

We met years ago when we were children. When we were innocent.

But my innocence and childhood were stolen from me by her father.

And now she's the key to finally getting my revenge.

I have a plan in place. A simple one. Make her fall for me, so that I can get back at the man who destroyed my life and murdered my family.

I'll use her. Take what I want. And not give a single f**k.

But the closer I get to Victoria, the more my old, locked away feelings for her start to resurface and bleed through my dark heart.

And when the moment comes to take my revenge, will I be able to pull the trigger if it means I could ultimately lose her forever?

A FREE peek into the dark, decadent world of a twisted billionaire and his future captive. Find out what America’s most elite men are hiding...

They’re rich, wild, sexy… and dangerous.

I’m one of the wealthiest men in the world. My reach is boundless, and absolutely anything I want can be mine with the snap of a finger. Including her.
Tatum Marris, my newest obsession.
She’s young, beautiful, naïve… and hiding many dark secrets. At least she thinks she is. She might have everyone else fooled with her innocent act, but she’ll never fool me.
I’ve been watching her for a long time, always lurking in the shadows, and I know the real her. I know exactly what she’s done. Every dirty little secret.
She hates men like me, but that won’t stop me from having her, because everyone has a price. Even her. So when the time is right, I’m going to take her away from everything she knows.
And then I’m going to make her pay….

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