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by Isabella Starling


Sex Type Thing
(Metalrotica #1)
by B.L. Morticia


Blurred Red Lines
(Carrera Cartel #1)
by Cora Kenborn

#DarkRomance #Abuse #BDSM


#DarkRomance #BDSM #MM


#DarkRomance #Mafia

My name is Amadeo Dacosta, but you... you will only call me Father.

I’ve been watching Carlotta Tomassi for months, biding my time to pluck her out of her sheltered life. The mafia kingpin’s daughter is not going to be a sweet little thing much longer. Not if I have anything to do with it.

Soon, she will be kidnapped. Taken. Captive. Carlotta’s transformation from sweet little lamb to broken sinner will begin in the cell I built for her. Barely legal and enchanting in her innocent beauty, she will be my prized possession.

I can’t wait for her to open her eyes and realize she’s now my property. The fear. The anticipation. The pain. I will take it all. And the first words I’ll tell her will seal her fate.

It's time to confess, little sinner.
And Father does not forgive.


JKaye is convinced his plan is foolproof, but is kidnapping Zander worth the risk?

JKaye, larger than life bodyguard has a strategy to make a rock star his personal sextoy. He’s carefully plotted out every detail, bought the necessary items for titillation, and prepared his lair for his houseguest. Still, doubt looms over JKaye’s head, knowing any mistake could cost him.

After another successful show, Zander is riding high on life. From coast to coast he’s adored and worshiped by many, especially one of his personal helpers. Though the parade of partners never ends, Zander craves something more to satisfy him. How far Zander would go to obtain the ultimate high is anyone’s guess.

JKaye’s dark desire for Lucifiera’s lead singer hasn’t slowed down and won’t be satisfied until he gets what he wants. The question is to what limits will he go to force the cocky musician to give up control for the duration of his stay?


Obsession is the deadliest vice.

As the heir to the devil himself, my name is whispered in fear and respect. I take no prisoners and leave no witnesses. Mercy doesn't exist in my world until one mouthy bartender turns it upside down.
Chaos forces me to kidnap her, but insanity compels me to cross a dangerous line.
My obsession with her risks both my empire and our lives, but now that I have Eden beside me, I won't let her go. If we burn, we burn together.

My life has always been riddled with bad decisions, but one night of being in the wrong place at the wrong time changes it forever. Abducted and held against my will, I find myself thrust into a long-standing cartel war as an involuntary pawn.
I'll make it out of here, and when I do, the guilty will fall one by one.
As long as I can stop myself from falling for the kingpin who takes everything and promises nothing. I should hate him. He holds me prisoner, but I'm the one who refuses to leave.

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