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New Release

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An Inferno World Novella
by Murphy Wallace

#Abuse #Dark


He says that I am deplorable. Inconsequential. Nothing. That I’m not worth his time. He knows how I feel about him. That it’s not only his acceptance I want. I get off on the sting of his words as they roll off the tip of his tongue. He tells me that I am a fool to think that we are anything alike. I know that he’s enticing me in his own sick and twisted way. If I’m ever going to prove to him how wrong he is, the time is now. 

Just as he’s about to cast me out of his life, I meet Aurelia, and everything becomes clear. 

My world unraveled the day I met Samael. 

As a model, I rely on my image to survive. In this cut-throat industry, you can’t get too close to anyone, and thick skin is a must. I’ve been called greedy, selfish, and rude. It’s all true, but it’s imperative for self-preservation. I abide by a strict routine to stay relevant and strict values keep me pure. I was preparing for the biggest audition of my career when I was approached by a beautiful man full of promises and stardom. He was right. Aurelia Vega was about to become a household name. Only, it wasn’t for the reason I had always dreamed of. That dream had been decimated and my worst nightmare has come true.

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99ct Bargain

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Convict Me
(The Rossi Crime Family #1)
by J.L. Beck + Cassandra Hallman

#DarkRomance #Crime

Amazon Reviews
"Hero To The Rescue!!!" Kim Sparks
"What a ride "
lori walsh

"A hero from the dark side" Becky M


The day I meet Hero Miller I know he’s unlike anyone I’ve ever met before. Sheltered and raised around no one but my family all my life, his darkness draws me in. 

He was raised with violence, it oozes from deep within him. 
I was raised by the bible my naiveness to save him proving just that. 

He scares me and excites me all at once. He’s obsessed and guarded. 
He protects me and hurts me. He pushes and I pull, but only because he doesn’t think he’s good enough. 

His warnings are clear. He tells me about his past, and the people he’s killed. He tells me about the things he wants to do to me…about the things he will do if I stay. 

The goodness in me wants to cure the stain of dark on his heart, but I’m not strong enough. The closer I get to Hero the further I get dragged into his darkness and eventually it starts to swallow me whole. 

Murder. Crime. Money. Sex. It surrounds us, and when Hero’s past comes barreling towards us it won’t be him that pays the ultimate will be me. 

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regular price: $3.99



The Dominator
(The Dominator #1)
by D.D. Prince

#Dark #BDSM #Abuse

Amazon Reviews
"So deliciously dark and twisted!" Bre Hood

"Dark but oh so good" Katherine A
"Definite Read! Dark and Sexy!!!" Liz


In submission there is sometimes freedom... 

The story of Tia & Tommy (Trigger Warning: Non and dubious consent sex, blood, profanity, rough sex. Plus: love, hope, redemption...) 

Right after her high school graduation, Tia O’Connor’s father tells her he needs her to save his life by being a marker for a gambling debt for just a few days. Then Tia finds out the truth, that her life is no longer her own, that she’s been chosen to marry the son of a local mafia kingpin, a man whose identity shocks her. 
Tommy Ferrano likes to play mind games. Tommy likes to play a lot of games. Tia has to obey his rules … or else. 
Rule 1: He owns her and has full control over her. He wants obedience, he punishes defiance. 
Rule 2: She needs to keep her mouth shut and reveal nothing to anyone about him. 
He soon reveals rule #3 to her and begins to reveal his dark and depraved sexual side. Tia has to obey in order to survive. Will it break her? 
Tommy Ferrano never wanted a wife, never even wanted a girlfriend. Women were just a means to an end, a sexual end. Women were always happy to oblige, sometimes so eager to oblige that he had to go over the edge of consent to get what he really wanted, fear then submission. 
Tommy needs to get married to get control over something he’s worked very hard for. His father has a specific girl in mind and Tommy isn’t sure why her but the idea of owning a woman wakes up deeper, darker urges in him than ever. The minute he sets eyes on Tia O’Connor he feels something inside of him shift, change. And as he gets to know her, he starts to change even further. 
But what’s his father’s motivation for picking this girl? What’s his father hiding? 

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