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Baby Boy
Daddy's Boy Book 1
by Athena Steller


Into the Fire
by Cynthia Dane +
Hildred Billings


(Impossible #2)
by Julia Sykes

#MM #BDSM ##DD/lb


#FF #DarkRomance #BDSM


#BDSM #DarkRomance

The Boy

Avery is failing at being an adult and on the verge of collapsing when he meets a man who offers him the chance of a lifetime. Being able to let go of all his worry and stress? The promise sounds too good to be true and Avery knows he should run away. But Jace is everything he’s ever fantasized about. The words Daddy and baby boy hang between them. Erotic, enticing, and exciting.

The Daddy

Jace has been watching Avery for months, ever since he’d first set eyes on the shy and nervous young man. Finding out that Avery is killing himself working three jobs while going to school has Jace fighting his instincts to take control of the situation. Being a caretaking Daddy Dom Jace knows he has so much to offer Avery. If the boy is brave enough to accept what Jace is offering.

Baby Boy is the first book in the Daddy’s boy series by Athena Steller.

This book contains MM sexual content (men having sex with each other), light BDSM elements, Age Play, Daddy/boy relationship, ABDL, and age gap relations. This book is an exploration of a relationship between two (Male) consensual adults that are looking for love and acceptance. All characters are over the age of consent. No cheating or cliff hangers.


Their love is too hot to touch.


Former Marine Michelle “Mitch” Cruise has already lived through the most harrowing moments of her life. Between a kidnapping in Iraq and losing her family’s home to wildfires, she’s convinced that there is nothing left to harm her.

But there is also nothing to fill the void in her dissociative life.

It makes her the perfect candidate for a golden opportunity. There is a woman – a rich woman – searching for a month-long girlfriend. Mitch isn’t naïve. She knows what this woman wants. So happens that Mitch is in the position to endure it.

She never, ever counts on falling in love with reclusive heiress Vanessa – to the point she’ll lay down her life for her mistress.


One by one, the members of Vanessa’s family have disappeared into the afterlife. The man calling the hits has driven her into hiding, where her only friends are her cold-shoulder staff and the husband-wife security team who know everything about her life.

Including who she invites into her home.

When Mitch arrives, distant and aloof, Vanessa is instantly intrigued. She’s never met such a strong woman before, and the electric attraction between them brings new meaning to the kind of domineering love Vanessa has been making. In Mitch she finds the other half she’s been searching for. The woman who isn’t afraid to face danger while understanding what trauma does to the heart.

Too bad Vanessa’s oldest threat is so close, it’s bursting from within her own sanctuary.

Too bad she’s dragged the new love of her life into open fire.


The first book in the Impossible spin-off series.

My life is out of control. And I'm okay with that. I can cope. But if that's true, then why do I feel so ashamed of myself when he looks at me like that? He makes me want to be better than what I am. I've never met anyone as dangerous for me as Clayton. It thrills me almost as much as it terrifies me.

Agent Clayton Vaughn turns Rose Baker's world upside down when he enlists her junkie kid brother to spy on the Latin Kings for the FBI. He shadows her every move in order to protect her, but he has another motive for keeping her close: lust. Rose can't deny the mutual attraction, and she finds herself submitting to Clayton's demanding touch. She is willing and eager to give him her body, but how can she do so without putting her heart - and her life - in jeopardy?

Warning: This book contains scenes of BDSM.

Note: This is a full novel with a complete story. It should be read after the original Impossible trilogy (Monster, Traitor, and Avenger), for the greatest enjoyment, but it is not entirely necessary to read the books in order.

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