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Fearless III
(Resnov Bratva #3)
by Amarie Avant


The Leader
(Bad Romance #1)
by Shanna Bell


(Crimson Elite #1)
by T.L. Smith

#DarkRomance #Mafia #MMA


#DarkRomance #Mafia #Abuse


#DarkRomance #BDSM #Standalone

The mudak, my father Anatoly, raped my mother for all of Russia to see.
My baby sister, Sasha, never had it any better.
I went from crawling to fighting to stop Anatoly, king of the bratva. Life was a nightmare before Zariah clung to me. Now, we have a little girl and our son is on the way.
But the game is changing in the mafia. Too many alphas want a taste. Somehow, I'm shoved into the chaos. My actions will be the reason my family is taken from me.
I have two choices:
Join team Anatoly and become the devil.
Join team my greedy half-sister, Danushka, and become the devil incarnate.

Keeping the fighter's love might as well accompany blood, sweat, and tears. Vassili is not an easy man to love.
I never dreamt of another life or another man.
Not until today.
Seeds of doubt have dug root inside me. It's different for Vassili because his confidence is almost as scary as his jagged muscles. I fear that if I continue to allow my mind to wander, then my body, my soul, every part of me will too.
I have two choices:
Keep holding on to Vassili, with all of me and live.
Fly away only to die by his hands when he catches up to me.


I will avenge my parents’ deaths.

I will make those who are responsible suffer.

All I need is her; the key to my plans.

I’m going to leave everything behind and start over.

I won’t bow down to anyone.

The last thing I need is him; the shackles to my freedom.

Game on...


Welcome to Crimson Elite, the most exclusive sex club in the world.
Enter at your own risk, and always remember our number one rule—
You must never speak of Crimson Elite—the punishment is severe.

Creed ‘Too Hot for Words’ Christopher

If God created the perfect man he would closely resemble Creed, on the outside that is.
He’s as cavalier as they come. Unconcerned. Cold. Dismissive. I wonder if he has any feelings at all.
And when his lips touch mine, everything goes black. He takes me into his world, and it’s the most magical thing I’ve ever experienced.
And I’m sucked in time and time again.
Like a moth to the flame, I am ready to be set alight.

Elicea ‘F*cks With My Head’ Beckham

Elicea is a firecracker. She has piqued my interest, and no one piques my interest anymore.
Beautiful women are what I do—it’s my work.
Not one of them has managed to get their claws into me the way she does. It’s as if she’s seeing my icy heart and trying to melt it, set it alight with each touch of her sinful lips.
But that can’t work, it won’t work.
Not in my world.

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