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Zeke (Castle Sin Book 6)
by Linzi Basset


Urban Decay
Darkly Mine Season 1
by Leona Windwalker 


The Broken Submissive
by Renee Lindemann

BDSM, DarkRomance, Erotic Thriller


DarkParanorma, MM, Abuse, Horror


BDSM, DarkRomance, Drama

Zeke, Castle Sin book 6, is an edgy, fast-paced, dark BDSM suspense novel. A tale of misguided perceptions, hope, and shattered dreams.

Castle Sin
Seven dungeons
Seven Masters
Seven times the kink.

Taylor Banks was running and needed a place to hide.

“I’m going to challenge fate, little one. I want you and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let you walk away from me until I’ve had my fill.”
Grieving the devastating loss of the man who had turned him into the powerful Dom he was, Master Dragon endeavored to move past his pain, and the sassy and curvy woman he met at the airport provided that motivation. But with his emotions already frayed, his sudden infatuation with her threw a wrench in his plans to move on. As his obsession evolved into genuine feelings for her, he realized two things: he wanted her more than anything … and she was lying to him. He knew it and intended to find out what she was hiding, but the one thing he refused to do ... was walk away from her.

“Thank you but no thank you. I’m nobody’s lollipop to suck on until your ears pop from the sugar rush.”
Taylor Banks was in deep shit ... so deep she needed a place to hide, and where better than a secret island? She'd set her sights on The Seven Keys Island, where her bestie, Peyton Jackson, now lived. The only problem was how she would get there since Peyton had fallen off the grid. A chance encounter with one of the famous Rothman cousins could solve her dilemma, but was she ready to accept the conditions of the most formidable Dom she'd ever come across? Could she ever be prepared for what he had in store for her?

Amidst untold violence, death, and destruction, the two lovers realized they were fighting the same enemy, raising the stakes even higher, and Zeke would do anything ... even kill ruthlessly ... to keep Taylor safe.

Would that be the final nail in the coffin that buried their relationship six feet under?


I've existed for the past century doing the lowly jobs the Family assign me. Reeling from the loss of yet another mortal lover, I jump at the chance to climb the ranks and leave my grief behind. This is the opportunity to be someone, perhaps even to find someone to remain as my loving companion as I face down eternity. I don't expect Fate to throw a curveball in the form of Shannon, a person so pure, I can't help but fall head over heels for him. Unwilling to sully Shannon with the knowledge of our kind, I find I'm also unable to make myself let him go.
When I'm called to meet Arrakus, the being from the Void who Made my Father, I discover that this second chance isn't everything I thought it would crack up to be. Assuming the life of the dead too soon River Montgomery was one thing, Bonding physically and mentally to a shape-shifting Kraken was quite another. Keeping Shannon safe is my priority, though, and I know one thing won't change, no matter what. I'll do anything, anything at all, to save him.
Warning: These books are for adult readers who enjoy stories where lines between right and wrong get blurry. High heat, twisted and tantalizing, these are not for the fainthearted.


Brooklyn Scott’s life has always been complicated. Born to a mother with zero maternal instincts, she grew up neglected and hungry with multiple stints in foster care. At twenty-seven, everything changed, including that secret. One innocent morning, Brooklyn, while on vacation with her family, almost drowns at their lake house. She is saved by the son of a close family friend. Cayden Thomas seems like a normal brooding angsty seventeen-year-old teenager. After he saves Brooklyn, the chemistry between the teen and the adult woman, explodes. Brooklyn chalks up her response to the handsome teenager as hero worship, however, something is awakened in Cayden. He begins a life altering transformation while Brooklyn finds the courage to admit the truth about herself to herself.

The Club is a place for people that are into certain lifestyle choices, namely dominant and submissive relationships. During the “Meet n Greet”, two kindred souls wearing identity altering masks, connects on an existential level. After the big reveal, Brooklyn and Cayden find themselves with a serious conundrum. Can he be her dominant, in spite of their history and family connection? Are his dreams and fantasies finally coming to fruition after an eight year wait? Can he guide Brooklyn, ten years his senior, safely into the lifestyle?

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