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Dark Alien Sci-Fi Romance Bundle
by Nova Edwins


(Dare to Risk #1)
by Danielle Pays


The Good Girl
by Madeleine Taylor

#DarkSciFi #Menage


#DarkRomance #EroticSuspense


#EroticSuspense #FF

In hindsight, it wasn’t my best idea to dress as a pleasure companion before leaving the spaceship I was held hostage on. To be fair, I thought it would help me blend in with the dubious crowd on the outlaw space station Leto 5.
I was wrong. So very wrong.

Do you like your aliens possessive, growly, and not asking a lot of questions before claiming the heroine? Then you’ve come to the right place.
Dark and twisted sci-fi novella, with wildly over-the-top action and an HEA.

The complete Tedoleran series — available only for a limited time.

A dark sci-fi romance box set, each story with wildly over-the-top action and an HEA.

Over 400 pages of possessive and growly aliens who aren’t asking a lot of questions before claiming the heroine.

If you like your reads fast, dirty, and twisted then you’ve come to the right place.

This bundle includes

Claimed By Her Aliens
The Feral Alpha’s Captive
The Alien’s Bad Intention
Stranded With The Alien
The Alien Warrior’s Taming


When a tragic car accident thrusts Brooke into the ownership of her parents' winery, deceit and lies become her near-constant companion, making an already stressful transition even more unbearable.

And while Matt, the ever-loyal yet disturbingly possessive accountant is all too eager to help Brooke manage every aspect, including herself, she can’t help but feel something even more unsettling is brewing behind his calculating eyes.

Declan’s family business is his pride and joy, and if he wants to run it someday, he has to keep their biggest client happy. Their current demand? A prominent local winery-and the land it sits on. No doubt it would only take one visit for him to charm the owners into selling.

But his plan hits a snag the second he lays eyes on the alluring woman, dead-set on maintaining her family legacy. For the first time, he can see a forever with a woman. A forever that’s threatened when she discovers who he really is.

Then the unthinkable happens: Declan is arrested for a catastrophic attack, threatening both their livelihoods and futures. And even though he maintains he’s innocent, Brooke’s trust is stretched so thin she doesn’t know what to believe.

Or who’s really to blame.

Who do you trust when everyone lies?

This is a steamy, stand-alone, HEA romantic suspense.


I’m a good girl. I work hard, look like your average girl, do everything in moderation, and I certainly don’t make a habit of going into strangers' hotel rooms dressed in sexy lingerie and killer heels. That is, until I meet her.

When a mysterious woman buys me a drink at a hotel bar in New York, I never expect her to impact my life the way she does. From the moment she lays eyes on me there’s little point fighting my desires because she seems to know them better than I do...

The Good Girl is the naughty debut novella by Madeleine Taylor, author of lesbian erotica.

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