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(Hidden Gems #1)
by A.R. Ford


Trafficked: A Dark Romance
by Alexis Abbott


(She Who Dares #1)
by L.P. Lovell

#Omegaverse #DarkRomance


#DarkRomance #Crime


#EroticRomance #Drama

Hailey Knowles fled Withershear Garrison after the last Beta died. She survived the crash-landing on Jade Island. A rich woman who bears a striking resemblance to her makes an offer she can’t refuse. An offer this sweet has to have strings attached. By the time she realizes what those strings are, she’s held prisoner by an Alpha with a score to settle with the woman who set her up. A massive Alpha who doesn’t take no for an answer.

Baron Michaels is an Alpha with a vendetta. Torture the woman who betrayed him with his enemy. But there’s a problem. A young doppelgänger is taken by mistake. By the time he learns the truth, she’s been punished in his ex-fiancée’s place. But that’s not all. The woman is an Omega who hasn’t taken heat suppressants in the three days she’s been held in his mansion. Baron can’t fight Alpha instincts when the beautiful Omega suddenly goes into estrus. By the time he realizes his mate needs more than punishment and isolation, she’s taken by an underground government determined to raise an army of feral Alphas.

Can Baron save his mate in time? Or will One World force her into their breeding program?

Warning: This book contains mature content and sexual situations as well as potentially triggering material (kidnapping, physical violence, power exchanges) intended for adults 18+. If you are offended or triggered by such material, please do not buy the book


Savior. Kidnapper. Hero. Corrupter.
I expected the Russian Mafia to have some secrets on their luxury yacht when I stole it.

I didn't expect a beautiful, wilted angel, held captive in the walls of a sadistic red room.

The men I'm running from were going to ruin her. Instead, I painted the room with their blood.

I saved her, but there's something about her that drives me wild and makes me want to possess her. She pushes my buttons, and when her amber eyes burn into mine, I don't resist my urges.

This foolish girl doesn’t know what she’s in for.

Or maybe she does, and she just likes playing with fire.

It’s going to get her burned, if she isn’t careful, but the way she calls me Daddy is all the convincing I need.

I will not let her go.

Trafficked is a standalone dark romance novel from bestselling romance author Alexis Abbott! Safe from cheating.


Theodore Ellis. Men want to be him, and women want to be underneath him. He’s the entrepreneurial bad boy, the tabloids darling, and as infamous in the bedroom as he is in the boardroom. Theo Ellis is the moral free man whore, that women can’t even bring themselves to feel ashamed over

Lilly Parker. Everything about her screams sex. She’s beautiful, strong, intelligent and independent. She’s the career driven, man-eater, who can make a grown man feel like a sixteen year old boy.
What happens when a player meets his match? This is alpha versus alpha, as two major players make and break the rules.
The game will change, and lines will blur.
This is war. Hearts will become dangerously Besieged, and walls will be battered to the ground.
Love is a war. She who dares…wins.

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