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Her Dark Guardian
by Nicola Rose


by Esme Devlin + Logan Fox


The Dominator
(The Dominator #1)
by D.D. Prince

#DarkParanormal #DarkRomance


#DarkRomance #Abuse


#DarkRomance #Abuse

Where darkness lives, my tattered soul thrives.

Once, I was just a boy obsessing over a girl, struggling with a confusing malevolence inside. Becoming a vampire only exacerbated it, forcing me back into the shadows, wading through the hell of self-exiled purgatory.

That was the sacrifice I had to make — her happiness at the expense of my own.

You could say I'm a stalker.

I prefer the word guardian.

But what if I'm the one she needs protecting from the most?

Maybe one day I'll set her free, but one thing's for certain…

No one messes with Alice except me.

This is an Elwood World novel. Events in this book take place before those in the Elwood Legacy trilogy, where Leon is a side character. This can be read as a standalone at any time, before or after the trilogy.


She is a means to an end.

Half my size and and ten times as innocent.

The job is simple. Ruin Meisie. Destroy her mother. Keep my business.

It’s the target who is complicated.

She’s broken. Scarred. Away with the fairies.

And everything I never knew I needed.

She wants to go home?

I'll make sure she never leaves.

He’s a nightmare parading as a dream.

He lured me in with the promise of a one-night-mistake.

If only I could have stayed that naive.

Cillian Hendry is a dangerous man, and I’d do my best to never forget that.

So why have I told him my darkest secrets?

Why am I walking down an aisle towards him?

I thought being abducted by the man they call Kill was a death sentence.

Turns out I’m wrong. Loving him will kill me.

And he’ll be there, like always, to twist the knife.

Beautiful Scars is a dark captive romance with mafia themes.
This book is intended for mature audiences only as some scenes may be triggering.
This is the second book in the Cruel Heroes, but can be read as a standalone.


A captive dark mafia romance with an arranged marriage and a possessive antihero alpha.
I've been ripped from my life & handed over to become property of Tommy Ferrano, a criminal who is beautiful outside but ugly inside.He has 3 rules for me.1) Obey.2) Tell no one ANYTHING about him.Rule 3 gives me a peek into just how depraved, alpha and possessive he really is.My life is about to be twisted up in knots.
He will hurt me. Love me. Set my body on fire with passion. He will kill for me.

This dark mafia romance has mature themes and situations.
Ingredients include: profanity, sex, violence, dominating alpha male antihero, blood, pain, love, redemption.
Complete story, no cliffhanger, but there are more books if you get hooked on Tommy and Tia.

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