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(Colors of Crime, #3)
by Sophie Lark


Ruthless Control
(The Controllers #6)
by L.V. Lane


(Women of Ravenwood #1)
by M.J. Spickett

#DarkRomance #Mafia #Standalone


#DarkRomance #Omegaverse


#DarkFantasy #EroticThriller

He Knows Her Secret…

Violet Black is a talented singer and songwriter, but she’s barely scratching a living in London, working at a seedy club run by the Russian mafia.

Standing onstage, Violet locks eyes with a massive, brutal-looking Bratva. Anton Vasilev is second-in-command to the biggest boss in Paris. He’s intelligent, ruthless, and completely fixated on Violet.

He wants something from her, but Violet doesn’t know what. Until he abducts her from her bed in the middle of the night.

The Bratva have a plan for Violet. They know a secret about her… Something she doesn’t even know herself...

“Violet” is a dark mafia romance, full of danger, forbidden love, and bloody retribution. It’s Book 3 of the Colors of Crime series — a standalone novel, complete with HEA and no cliff hangers.


From the moment I met her, I wanted to own her, and turn her into my perfect Omega pet.
The redhead with a disapproving frown, and a body made for sin.
There is just one tiny problem.
She's not an Omega.
He thinks I'm a non-dynamic.
I'm not.
I'm an Omega taking suppressants.
Each day gets harder.
Each day is a risk.
To hide what I am, I've bartered, racked up debts, and my time is running out.
So when Lucian made a proposal,
I jumped at the chance.
Money will free me,
and allow me to escape.
And besides, what could Lucian's Omega drug do that wasn't already done?
The ruthless man is determined to own me,
and now I've just walked into his perfect trap.


Being one of Ravenwood’s Crime Scene Investigators is hard enough, especially when you’re in the Paranormal Investigation Division, but it’s even harder when an investigation comes knocking at your door.

Selena Hawke loves being a cop. She’s one of the first faeries to officially become a police officer but when a strange spree of murders suddenly plague the city she must use every ounce of her skill and power to find and defeat them. And as if that wasn’t hard enough, her young lover has decided to release Cleotro, a faery turned familiar and criminal to faery kind. Now she has to stop these murders before Ravenwood is plunged back into the dark ages, and keep herself from falling into Cleotro’s dark sexual desires.

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