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Nothing is better than a promotional post with the purchase links attached. But no one wants these endlessly long links that you get when you use the Amazon search. Like this one:



Method 1: KDP

The easiest way as an independent author, is to use your KDP page!

Sign in, search for the title you want to promote and click on "View on Amazon"!

Now you can comfortably select the links you want to use:

You only need to delete the unnecessary information:

And you are ready to go!



Method 2: Book Page After Amazon Search

If you don't have access to a KDP page it's still not a problem to get a short link for the book you want to promote or share. Let's go back to the start:

If you looked closely, you can already see the specific elements of the short link. All we have to do is delete everything after the ASIN of the book. This is the ASIN:

Now, let's delete everything unnecessary after the ASIN:

We also do not need the title name, author name, and book definition, but if you want to, you can use this version of the link, too. Let's just delete anyway. Important! You have to delete one of the slashes (that's this sign: /).

And once again: the shortest and cleanest ebook link:


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