Editor: EroticaAfterDark
Pages: 149
Price: 3.99
Year: 2016
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The idea of LLL (Loans, Lust, and Lies) is nothing but fantastic. This book is a thriller. The crime is genius, the rolls well played. It's all about the lies.
The execution of this intriguing story, is - I'm sorry to say - not that good. I felt like watching a crime story while doing chores, apart from the fact that I didn't skip anything while reading. The story moves to fast, I couldn't really connect to the characters and the attraction was described through 'twitching cocks'. That did disappoint me. Maybe I'm spoiled here...
In the end I did understand why some things were written as they were, as we come to the conclusion, but I'm used be drawn into the story and that was not the case. There were time jumps without any explanation and at the end, as I still was musing about how the crime was executed the explanation is dropped on me. It would have been more interesting, if I would have found out through the investigation.
the chemistry
In the beginning imho there was barely any. I couldn't understand why on hell they would have sex all of the sudden. (view spoiler)
The choice of words was too crude. I felt like I was switching channels at the afternoon just to have porn flash over the screen all of the sudden. That made me to roll my eyes. Yes, this is an erotica book, but it's not porn. So why did it behave like it?
As the story unfolded and the pace slowed down a bit, giving me the chance to get into the story, it was all very fitting and well done, just not enough for more stars.

in conclusion
For me this story felt like it was a draft - not only because some spelling errors - but especially because of the chopped storyline. Some scenes were described in-depth, others barely with a few lines. The first sexual interaction got dumped on me like a bucket of ice water. The crime was fantastic and I would have cheered if the explanation hadn't been dumped on me as well.

Three stars scratching at a forth.

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