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Pages: 324
Price: 1.99
Year: 2015
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Note: trigger warning: rape


Usually, as soon as I am finished, I instantly know the rating of a book I've read. With Degradation that didn't happen.

Reading the title of the book and all those high rated reviews, I admittedly had high expectations. And I loved the prologue, which is described in the blurb. This book had all the promising ingredients, but for me it failed to deliver.

The degradation of this story is most of all verbally and psychologically which is imho rather emotional abuse. I don't get off when someone calls me whore but fails to deliver the action. That's what is happening here in the book. Often when I felt like finally action was on, it just didn't happen. I couldn't make a real connection to the MCs. If I'd met both of them I'd probably tell them to 'grow up', grow a pair and fulfill their promises, but most of all: think first, act later.
Tate is supposed to be a strong, self-confident character, but for me it felt like she was just pretending to be someone she isn't, fleeing into verbal abuse because she somehow feels like she doesn't deserve to be treated better.
Kane is just a bratty child, pretending to be an asshole because he's afraid of getting hurt, being disappointed, being abandoned again.
In my eyes pretty pathetic people.

Kudos to the author for her verbal degradation-fuck-fest. I love books that openly talk about specific tastes that are borderline for many people. It's just anything but dark to me. However, it is realistic. Many books fail to be that. Bummer is, it's just not that likable. A risk someone must take.

So, back to the rating. I'll help myself out with asking myself important questions (imho)
Is it realistic? hell, yes.
Did I find it hot? rarely.
Was I able to put it down? Without effort.
Did it make me cheer? no
Did it make me roll my eyes? yes.
Were there lost opportunities? yes.
Would I read this book again? definitely not.
Will I read the sequel? no.
Bonus? SANDERS (he needs his own book)

You see my dilemma. I really want to like this book.
Especially because people who rated my most fav book of 2014 with 4 stars gave this 5 stars, but I just don't see it. Seems like it's not sophisticated enough for me. I just can't decide if I like it or not. 2,5 stars, due to realism. Not enough for round up though.

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