Editor: EroticaAfterDark
Pages: 397
Price: 4.99
Year: 2015
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Why I felt compelled to buy the third part of this series is simple: hope. Hope that it would return to the entertaining bdsm joyride the first part promised this series to be and that the Girlfriend simply was a failed attempt to give the story of our two lovers some realism.

I wasn't rewarded, not really. Again it was more about the whole family drama that seemingly naturally occurs when there is such a huge age difference between the coupe that one of them could be the parent of the other.
I mean, yes, for a story that too can be entertaining, and there are obviously many who love the drama-fest. I don't. Not this family feud kind of thing with a jealous ex, who acts like a teenager instead of a grown ass woman and mother, and boss of a big company. Not when the laughter and the sarcasm that was my joy in the first time isn't really to be found.
I probably would have enjoyed it it wasn't the standard dish served.
I guess I'm not the billionaire kind of girl. That must be it.

I haven't continued the series so far and I doubt I will.

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