Editor: EroticaAfterDark
Pages: 142
Price: 3.99
Year: 2016
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This book is naughty, breaking all (almost) taboos there are with a happy cock slap right in your face. Set in the 1940's Veronica Hudson, demon huntress extraordinaire, is set to hunt down well hung lady demons on her own for the first time, and finds out that seducing them first has its perks, especially if one is a nymphomaniac extraordinaire, too.

Reading this book was like expecting to watch a demon-hunter manga on youtube but ending up watching futanati hentai porn on redtube. Bryce Calderwood's narrative, and therefore Veronica's voice is smart, funny, straight forward, and horny; just all I want from a badass heroine.

This book is something else the way it began, I felt as if I finally had found a pornographic read that I could truly enjoy. 

But there's the thing about porn. If it's the center of a book, there is rarely much story left and things start to become repetitive. Even though there was a different hole used every time, the description of the scene read like a copy of the first one, rather like a recycled version of the first one. That, plus Veronica wanting to hump every person that crosses her path, really started to annoy me. What was originally something I had applauded in enjoyment, ended in me uttering a bored 'meh'.
It's just with food. No matter how much you f**king love pizza and how often you change the toppings, after a week of pizza they all taste the same.

When a books start of very strong and keeps the pace, not managing to top it, and ending with a cliffy that implied that there finally is more story, but it doesn't intrigue you, you feel let down. Honestly, I didn't expect to rate it with 3.5 stars when I started it, I thought I would end up giving it 5, maybe that's the reason why I can't make myself round it up to 4.


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