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Deviant Games
(The Controllers #8)
by L.V. Lane


Truck Stop Titan
(Truck Stop #4)
by Krissy Daniels


Royally Broken
(Royal Sons MC #5)
by Elle Boon

Dark, Omegaverse, SciFi




DarkRomance, MC

Lilly's story part 4*

Once more within Chimera's safety, Lilly returns to her coveted position as the viral program director, while taking the opportunity to reconnect and bond with her mates.

But all is not well.

Ethan is worried about Lilly. Outwardly, his little Omega may appear to be doing fine, but inside she's a mess. Her time as an Uncorrupted prisoner has left a lasting legacy...and she is also starting to worry about her next heat. She has a history of making questionable decisions when stressed, and he determines he has no choice but to force her heat.

But there are other plans in play, and Governor Brach is not ready to let Ethan enjoy early retirement. The mysterious mind-reading Omega, Larissa Olson, has been located, and Governor Brach needs Ethan back in the field.

Lilly's blood continues to act on her two Alphas, changing them in ways they are only now coming to understand. Struggling with his emotional awakening, Ryker is prepared to toe the line and be a good second to Ethan...mostly. But Ethan's mission doesn't go quite to plan, and his actions will throw their growing bond into a spin.
  I’m a firm believer in happily ever afters. So when my sister died, leaving behind a daughter, I swallowed my grief, dumped my boyfriend, and caught the first plane to Idaho.
I wasn’t prepared to meet my niece, let alone be a single parent.
But that didn’t stop me.
I never expected to have the romp of my life with a grumpy stranger on my first night in Whisper Springs.
But I threw caution to the wind.

Imagine my surprise when that brooding bad-boy turned out to be my niece’s savior.
And my heartbreak when I discovered the man we’d both fallen for was a dangerous criminal.
Happy endings never come easy. But don’t worry; I’m a fighter. And sometimes, our scariest challenges become the most extraordinary adventures.


Whisper Springs belonged in my rearview, and I had long since put my past to rest. Then she came along, a tiny captive who captured my heart.

My hometown was the only safe place to take the broken child. I didn’t belong, wasn’t wanted, and had no intention of sticking around. Until her aunt barreled into town, all beauty, bravery, and fighting spirit.

Moriah challenged me, riled me, and fell into me time and time again. And hell, I liked catching that live wire.

Those girls believed me a hero.
Little did they know, I’d always been the bad guy.
  She was the good girl who desired the bad boy. He left the small town that tried to kill him to become someone better. Life don’t always turn out the way you’d planned but these two will need more than grit to survive when fate brings them back together.

Palmer had it all except what she truly desired…she came from money, but she learned early money didn’t buy you, love or class. What it did was buy you silence and fear.

Keys left the sleepy little town he’d grown up a boy…they say you can never go back home once you leave. For Keys, he never planned to step one foot back into the town he’d grown up in, a place he’d had any sense of love beat out of him.

It only takes one message to change the course of two lives…when you find out your entire life was a lie; you have a couple of choices. Head into the lions’ den and face your past like a man, or let sleeping dogs lie. Keys was never one to run from his past, at least not once he got big enough, bad enough, and smart enough to make a stand. Palmer didn’t realize she’d stir up a hornet’s nest of epic proportions when she located the only man who’d ever made her feel safe. Now both their lives were in danger, yet she couldn’t deny she still felt more than she had in years. If only they could live long enough to see if fate would allow them a chance this time around.

Welcome to the Royal Sons crossover into the Royal Bastards, y’all. They might seem like the good guys, but they’re hot, they’re bad, they’re oh so dirty, and they’re gonna drag you down to Hell with them, but you’ll have a smile on your face the entire time and you’ll enjoy every minute of the ride.
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