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New Release

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Criminal Deeds Box Set: Books 1-3:
Romantic Suspense Standalones
by Kyle Autumn

#Dark #EroticThriller #Anthology



Relationships shouldn't be based on lies.  
But can they be based on omissions and crime?

When Keaton kidnaps a man trying to break into his backyard, he finds out one surprising thing: It’s not a man at all. It’s his sexy new neighbor. And she’s not scared of being bound in his basement. In fact, she’s acting like it’s her wildest fantasy come to life.

Unfortunately, something sinister connects them in a way they never see coming—until it's right outside their door.

Secrets. Mystery. Lies. Love.  It'll all come out in this erotic romantic suspense. 


She left him suddenly, but he hasn't given up. 
And when he runs into her at a strip club in Vegas, he's determined to get her back.

No matter where Wyatt goes, he can’t get Caroline out of his head. He thinks he’s seeing things in a Vegas strip club when he finds her there—but he’s not. She’s real, and she’s terrified.

What happened after she left him high and dry three months ago? And why isn’t Wyatt the only one who wants her back?

Danger follows them as Wyatt tries to take Caroline out of the city, and suddenly, that future he wants with her may never have a chance to come true.

Secrets. Pain. Truth. Love.  It'll all come out in this sexy and suspenseful second chance romance. 


She's on the run from her abuser. 
He's been hired to hunt her down.

Willow is tired of running. She needs her power back, and when she finds Zane in a run-down bar in the middle of nowhere, he’s who she wants to do that with.

Little does she know, he’s the man hired to hand her back over to the man she’s running from.

Zane will heed her request, but he won’t take it easy on her. He’s ready to use this one last job to purge the murderous rage running through him once and for all.

Little does he know, she’s the woman with the power to destroy him once and for all.

What will happen when these two—the hunter and the hunted—collide?

Secrets. Hurt. Fear. Love. It'll all come out in this gritty and erotic romantic suspense. 

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99ct Bargain

regular price: $3.99


by Nicole Fox

#DarkRomance #Crime

Amazon Reviews
"Mafia romance"
"WOW! Great Read!"
"Fantastic "


I’m caught between a mob boss and a madman. 
I was drowning in debt with no way to get out. 
All I had left was my body… 

Until Vin took that from me, too. 

He offered me protection from my abusive ex. 
And saying no to Vin was never an option. 

Now, I’m at the mercy of a mob boss. 
A vicious killer, with a kiss as filthy as his reputation. 

Nights in his bed are spent stripping bare, bending at the waist, and doing EXACTLY as I’m told. 
And days by his side are spent seeing a criminal underworld I never knew existed. 

For a moment, I thought this was my life now: 
Existing only for the mobster’s pleasure. 

But then my ex came back to finish the job he started, and I remembered: 
This nightmare is far from over. 

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regular price: $3.99



Criminal Deeds Box Set: Books 1-3:
Romantic Suspense Standalones
by Kyle Autumn

#BDSM #DarkRomance #DubCon

Amazon Reviews
"An intense emotional read!"
"I loved it!!"
"Surprisingly seductive"


Simone Winston is twenty-two, a single mother, and in love with a faceless man who kept her for two months before setting her free.

After the mysterious, intriguing stranger Isaac Toft leaves her a generous tip, she’s drawn to him despite her reservations and soon he takes over her life all in the name of helping.

When Isaac’s secrets endanger the life of her as well as her child, will he lose the chance to make her forever his?

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