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by W. Winters


Driven Hearts - Three Book Collection
(Driven Hearts #1-3)
by Nikita Slater


Sinners & Saints
The Complete Eight Book Series
by Rosalie Stanton

#DarkRomance #Mafia


#DarkRomance #Mafia


#DarkFantasy #Paranormal #EroticRomance

He’s forbidden, dangerous, and everything that’s bad for me. More than that, the life he leads is exactly why I’d been on the run.
The seductive and powerful air around him is what drew me in, the reminder of what could have and should have been years ago.
His dark gaze riddled with desire could always see through me. Deep down to the core of what I craved most. To be his.
And so I agreed. I came back. I chose him even when I knew I shouldn’t.
If only it were so easy to forget the past. If only our mistakes didn’t hold on to us, harder and more violently than we could hold on to each other.

Seductive is an extension of Addison and Daniel’s story, Possessive. Although it can be read on its own, it’s recommended you start with Possessive.


BOOK 1 - Driven by Desire

What the boss wants, the boss gets.

And, from the moment he sets eyes on the little mechanic, he wants her. Despite his dangerous reputation, she denies him at every turn, infuriating and intriguing him until he knows he must own her loyalty, passion and fire. He won't stop until she becomes his.

Riley works hard, plays harder and drives fast cars. Life is good until the scariest man in town walks into her garage and seals her fate. Fiery and independent, she’ll do whatever it takes to drive him right back out of her life, until she finds herself cornered with nowhere to run but straight into his arms.

But will her games turn deadly before the boss can bring her home and lock her down for good?

BOOK 2 - Thieving Hearts

When she runs, he will hunt.

Protector, stalker, lover… she is his obsession. From the moment Roman Valdez set eyes on Katie, he knew she was the one for him. Beautiful, carefree and captivating, but at thirteen she was too young. So, he waited, watched and protected. Followed her through the years until she was ready to be with him.

Only something happened to his beloved along the way. His perfect princess grew dark and distant. Instead of embracing his love, she runs away from it, convinced that she’s not worthy of all he offers – love, protection and happiness.

Now, he will set his demons free. He will rise up from the ashes of his father to inherit the Valdez cartel. He will burn her world and bathe in the blood of her enemies until she is free to belong to him. He will take his woman and his birthright and crush anyone that gets in his way.

But will he crush the woman he loves along the way…

BOOK 3 - Capturing Victory

Trapped, taken and caged by a cruel captor.

Her solitary existence as a world class hacker changes in the blink of an eye when she's kidnapped by an international arms dealer. Everything she knows, everything she understands has shifted. Ivan Vogel insists that she is now his slave. He plays terrible mind games while torturing her senses. He keeps her locked up, away from all her toys.

But once she is free, once she can fly again, she will reign hatred down on her enemy. She will use everything she knows against him, everything she has been taught until she is victorious.

She will rip out the heart he insists beats only for her. His obsession will be his downfall. His caged bird will make sure of it.


This eight-book paranormal romance series follows the Seven Deadly Sins, Lucifer’s hand-created children.

Lost Wages of Sin—Avaritia, the Sin of Greed, finds herself running from Hell after her romance with an angel ends in disaster. On the road, she encounters her oldest friend, a vampire named Dante who’s been in love with her for centuries. Not only does he refuse to leave, but he’s prepared to fight the devil himself to keep her alive.

Sex, Sin & Scandal—Luxuria, the Sin of Lust, has made a career out of committing adultery, so when she’s given strict instructions to not seduce the preacher-turned-politician she’s been assigned to tail, she doesn’t know what to do with herself…even if she does know what she wants to do with him.

Flip Side of Sin—Ira, the Sin of Wrath, ends up shackled to Cassie, the Virtue of Chastity, with strict instructions to keep her safe and her chastity unthreatened. Only problem is, Cassie is the sweetest thing he’s ever seen, and she’s so very curious about all the earthly sensations she’s never experienced. And Ira isn’t used to saying no.

Sins of the Flesh—Invidia, the Sin of Envy, has been hunting one of the Guardians of the Seven Seals ever since he unleashed a horde of Hell Demons on the earth. But the Guardian isn’t at all what she thought…and the more time she spends with him, the more she questions everything she’s been told.

Deliverance from Sin—Campbell, the Sin of Pride, barely walked away from the apocalypse with his life and a new, intense fear of death. To save face, he agrees to hunt down one of Hell’s most dangerous fugitives—a demon who hijacks human bodies. Humans like Varina, a woman who has no reason to give him her trust, and might just live to regret it when she does.

Sins of Omission—Gula, the Sin of Gluttony, is too smart to fall in love with an assignment. Or so he thought. Even worse? He’s pretty sure she’s the devil’s mistress. When a new assignment puts her back in his life, he must decide if loyalty is worth the cost of love.

Cardinal Sins—Ace, the Sin of Sloth, has one job—protect Lily, the antichrist no one expected. After her cover gets blown, Ace takes it upon himself to keep her as far from Heaven and Hell as possible…except the girl’s power is unstable, and soon he must decide between saving the world and the woman he loves.

Original Sin—Lucifer learned the hard way that love is a fast way to a man’s ruin. His first marriage nearly destroyed the world, and him in the process. So when he meets a human who makes him feel things he’d rather not, he removes her memories of him and vows to stay away. But nothing the devil tries ever goes as planned.

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