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New Release

regular price: $2.99


by Jasmine Gold

#DarkRomance #Dystopia



Gabriel, on a mission of mercy, is horrified by what he finds when he arrives in Riviera, a land far from his home. So-called “humans,” bored and decadent, amuse themselves with the senseless torture of their slaves. Yet Gabriel finds unexpected friends. An artist named Animal, who notices everything except Rose, his slavegirl. And Mariah, a slave foisted on Gabriel when he unwittingly prevents her from escaping. 

Mariah knows that Master Gabriel’s talk of a different way of life, in which slavery does not exist, is merely the latest and cruelest of the mindgames that humans have inflicted on her for her entire life. She must play along, but actually believing in it would bring disaster to her and to everyone she cares about. 

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99ct Bargain

regular price: $3.99


Covet: A Dark Second Chance Romance
(Forbidden Series #2)
by Dani René

#DarkRomance #BDSM

Amazon Reviews
If you love your dark BDSM, read this!
Dark, emotional, and intense
Tonight, you will be howling at the moon.




Will my truth destroy us forever? 

I believed I was a monster. 
The things I’d been forced to do were what nightmares are made of. 
I wasn’t worthy of love or of having a forever. 
My mind had been set, my heart locked away. 

Until the beautiful firebird flew into my life. 
I was meant to train her, not love her, but my heart didn’t agree. 
And as much as I pushed, she pulled. 

Lives intertwined by chance. 
Hearts rebellious against rules. 


Will my heart allow me to forgive? 

I was owned by him the moment he looked at me. 
My strength, courage, and fire burned only for him. 
My Wolfe claimed me, as I claimed him. 

My life was no longer my own, but no one could take my love. 
Or so I believed until the day he left. 
I fought. I survived. I changed. 

Destiny had us in her sights. 
We were bound together by fate. 

*This is a dark romance, suitable for mature audiences, 18+ ONLY. This is NOT a stand-alone. From the Ashes, book 0.5 of the Forbidden Series must be read first to understand the storyline. Strong sexual themes and violence, which could trigger emotional distress, are found in this story. Certain scenes are graphic and could be upsetting to some. This story is NOT for everyone. Proceed with caution. Discretion is advised.

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regular price: $2.99



The Lotus Keeper
(The Lotus Series #1)
by Leeann Mays

#DarkRomance #Abuse

Amazon Reviews
Well written and intriguing.



“I believed he was pulling me into a world of darkness, but I’ve come to realize he was showing me the light—a light that illuminated the most unimaginable evil.” 

"The Lotus Keeper" follows the story of Adeline Heed, a sweet and innocent, young woman who is forcefully taken by a dangerous drug cartel leader and pulled into a world in which she never thought existed. As she struggles to break free from her captor, she learns that he isn't the only one holding her back, forcing her to adapt, yield and awake a rawness inside if she's ever going to survive. 

Hart, the man responsible for her capture, isn’t at all what she imagined. He’s controlling, observant, and dangerous. He demands obedience, set on breaking her down, shaping her into submission but despite his efforts, he's met his match. The longer Hart holds her captive, the stronger she becomes. She's witty and quick and she's intent on doing what no other has done before—unravel the mysteries behind the green-eyed man. 

Will Addy break him before he breaks her? 

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