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    regular price: $3.99


    regular price: $3.99


    regular price: $3.99


    The Game
    (The Game #1-7)
    by L.P. Lovell + Stevie J. Cole


    Bone Garden
    -A Death Blooms World Novel-
    by Cole Denton


    by Taylor J Gray
    by Emma Slate

    Menage, DarkRomance


    Dark, BDSM


    MM, BDSM, Abuse

    What would you do for one million dollars? Or rather, what wouldn’t you do? Would you play a game?

    One contract. Two Guys. Three players. Four Strikes. Five rules. Six zeros. Seven days.

    No safe words. No questions. Complete submission. Are you game?


    Needed: One dedicated, loving, protective, Dominant owner.

    A forever home is my dearest wish. Will do whatever it takes to become your perfect "pet."

    Wanted: One playful, adventurous, sexy, submissive "puppy.”

    A forever “pet” is my deep desire. As long as the “pet” isn't too curious... and always stays away from the garden.


    Waking up with his Master should be the best beginning to any day but it gets off to a bad start. From then on, Isaac finds himself working hard to make amends, so he can join Layton on his visit to the alley where he once lived.
    Before he can catch his breath, he finds himself involved in a secret and makes a promise…but then come the consequences…

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    regular price: $4.99


    regular price: $3.99


    regular price: $2.99


    (Tangled Vines #1)
    by Delta James


    Diablo Inside
    by Amarie Avant 


    Axle's Darkness
    (Wicked Warriors MC)
    by Linzi Basset

    Paranormal, Abuse




    DarkRomance, MC

    When Hunters strike at the wrong prey, Damian Steele will stop at nothing to claim the ultimate prize… his fated mate.

    On the backroads of Italy, a fatal accident takes the lives of three of the four people in the car. The only survivor is an unconscious Kinzie Edwards, who is mistakenly identified as her twin sister. In a targeted act of violence, Kinzie loses her sister, Kayla, and her humanity.

    Damian is the brooding Alpha of the Sonoma Pack and the head of the Luna de Lobo Vineyard on the California coast. When Hunters strike at his people, Damian rushes to Italy to care for the mate to his omega. Except it isn’t Kayla he brings home.

    While Kinzie hovers between life and death, a powerful change within her DNA occurs and she wakes as a wolf. Kinzie knows nothing about wolf-shifters or fated mates, unlike her sister who had been a wolf-shifter.

    Thirsting for answers and revenge, Kinzie leaves the safety of Damian’s embrace to confront those who murdered her sister. Can Damian reach her before the Hunters claim her as another trophy?


    Amarie Avant presents a brand new, dark stalker interracial romance that will leave you gasping for more...

    A monster grips the city in his iron fist.
    The media calls him El Santo.
    I prefer El Diablo—the devil.
    My obsession with the gorgeous Dominic Alvarez will be his demise. I crave the look in his captivating dark eyes while I crush his even darker soul.
    I refuse to become like the others; the women whose hearts stop at the sight of him.
    Those women lost themselves in the allure and temptation of El Santo before they could feel the danger of El Diablo.
    The time for redemption is now.

    Seduce them all and make their souls mine.
    It’s what I was born to do.
    But here comes a cunning little mouse, playing in a snake den.
    Aria Jones lives inside the walls of her pretty head. That’s where I need to be—in her head.
    Once I glean the secrets behind Aria’s jaded gaze and discover her greatest fears, I’ll collect the little mouse like the others.
    Collect, crush, and make her mine forever.


    I’m Axle Santiago, aka Rage, aka President of the Shadow Warriors of the Wicked Warrior MC New York Chapter.

    I rule with an iron fist and I don’t think twice to swing my chain when the need arises. If it connects and splatters brains on the tar, chances are, the bastard got what he deserved. Things are changing and with it comes new challenges. Our territory was invaded by MC Demon Riders vying to overthrow our rule. They overstepped boundaries and when their VP had a hand in me being locked up… they declared war.

    When I’m released two years later, the time for retribution has come.

    Slick and the bitch by his side who betrayed me is going to pay. Lilian Calvert… the one who turned my soul dark two years ago and left it brooding in a dark cave is going to feel the wrath of Rage. I’m going to take my revenge on her body and use her like she did me. I won’t be asking and no amount of begging or wishes are going to change my mind. Lilian and her lover are about to learn that Axle Santiago never makes promises he doesn’t keep.

    But even well laid out plans backfire. Something I learn during one magic midnight ride with her.

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    regular price: $2.99


    regular price: $4.99


    regular price: $4.49


    Releasing Rage
    (Cyborg Sizzle #1)
    by Cynthia Sax


    Sweet Obsession
    (Ruthless Games #1)
    by Callie Rose


    His Human Slave
    (Zandian Masters #1)
    by Renee Rose

    BDSM, DarkScifi, Abuse


    DarkRomance, Abuse, Reverse Harem


    BDSM, DarkScifi, Captive

    Half Man. Half Machine. All Hers.

    Rage, the Humanoid Alliance’s most primitive cyborg, has two goals — kill all of the humans on his battle station and escape to the Homeland. The warrior has seen the darkness in others and in himself. He believes that’s all he’s been programmed to experience.

    Until he meets Joan.

    Joan, the battle station’s first female engineer, has one goal — survive long enough to help the big sexy cyborg plotting to kill her. Rage might not trust her but he wants her. She sees the passion in his eyes, the caring in his battle-worn hands, the gruff emotion in his voice.

    When Joan survives the unthinkable, Rage’s priorities are tested. Is there enough room in this cyborg’s heart for both love and revenge?


    I saved his life.
    Now he’s invaded mine.

    Two years ago, a split-second decision changed everything. I risked my life for a man I didn’t even know and nearly died for it.

    I’ve tried to forget him. To forget that whole night.

    But he hasn’t forgotten me.
    He’s been watching.

    And when he crashes back into my life like a wrecking ball, accompanied by two dark shadows—men he calls his brothers—the life I’ve been trying to rebuild for myself shatters into a thousand sharp-edged pieces.

    He believes our souls are bound by blood, and he’s come back to claim what’s his.

    Two years ago, I saved Marcus Constantine’s life.

    Now I wish I hadn’t.


    Collared and caged, his human slave awaits her training.

    Zander, the alien warrior prince intent on recovering his planet, needs a mate. While he would never choose a human of his own accord, his physician's gene-matching program selected Lamira's DNA as the best possible match with his own. Now he must teach the beautiful slave to yield to his will, accept his discipline and learn to serve him as her one true master.

    Lamira has hidden her claircognizance from the Ocretions, as aberrant traits in human slaves are punished by death. When she's bought by a Zandian prince for breeding and kept by his side at all times, she finds it increasingly harder to hide. His humiliating punishments and dominance awake a powerful lust in her, which he tracks with a monitoring device on her arousal rate. But when she begins to care for the huge, demanding alien, she must choose between preserving her own life and revealing her secret to save his.
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  •  Prices are US and may deviate. Books have been checked before sending. Changes may occur throughout the day. 
    Participating authors are responsible for their freebies & discounts.
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    regular price: $3.99


    regular price: $4.99


    regular price: $4.99


    Trained For Their Pleasure
    (Omega Prey #5)
    by L.V. Lane


    A Fatal Prospect
    (River Reapers MC Book 3)
    by Elizabeth Barone 


    by Felicity Brandon

    Omegaverse, Menage


    DarkRomance, MC


    DarkRomance, BDSM

    I’m a Beta. I’m not supposed to be with an Alpha.
    But he’s taking me anyway.
    Both him and his brother.
    A Beta can be trained, he says.
    Trained to satisfy an Alpha.
    And so my training begins.


    Our enemies of past and present are uniting to put us in our graves. Not even death would destroy our love, but death isn’t the only thing that’s fatal...


    I’ve finally got Olivia, but she can’t give me the two things I want most: three words so I know I’m not in this alone, and a family so I can redeem all the horrible things I’ve done. My past is still chasing me, and the only way I can let it go is if I stop running and face it. I can’t allow the monster in my blood to take over, but it’s rising to the surface and I can’t fight it much longer.


    After all I’ve been through, I’m never giving away my heart, even if my heart has other plans. War strikes before Cliff and I get a chance to figure it out. When a teen football player is unspeakably violated, only my club can avenge him. A rival motorcycle club from the past is also looking for revenge, just as I realize my true feelings for Cliff.

    When someone betrays us, we’ll pay the ultimate price, in both blood and love...


    Brutal, Ruthless and Charming.
    Chase Benedict takes pleasure in inflicting suffering on enemies and observers alike.
    Cambridge graduate, leader of the largest criminal organization in Britain, calculating lawbreaker, he doesn’t take no for an answer.
    Until me.
    I won’t bend to his will.
    I won’t be manipulated by his menace.
    He’ll discover what it means when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.

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    regular price: $12.99


    regular price: $4.99


    regular price: $4.99


    Born in Blood Collection Volume 2
    by Cora Reilly


    (Birch County Blue #1)
    by April Canavan


    STONE: Her Ruthless Enforcer: 50 Loving States, North Carolina
    (Broken & Ruthless #2)
    by Theodora Taylor

    DarkRomance, Mafia


    DarkRomance, Stalker


    DarkRomance, Interracial

    This is a collection of book five to eight in the bestselling Born in Blood Mafia chronicles. This collection includes the following books in one big book:
    Bound By Vengeance
    Bound By Love
    Bound By The Past
    Bound By Blood


    Never look back.

    In the dark of the night, 911 dispatcher Maya Daniels becomes the one thing she fears the most, a victim. Faced with new limitations, both physically and emotionally are what prove the hardest for Maya to handle. That and one very stubborn deputy who refuses to take no for an answer.

    Brian will never forgive himself for the pain Maya went through when he couldn't protect her. When he's given one more chance to make things right, he swears that he'll do anything to keep her safe. Even if it means he could lose his job as a Deputy Sheriff.

    Nobody believes that Maya is safe, especially when her stalker returns with a vengeance. Maya finds herself fighting for her life once more, but this time she's not alone.


    My ruthless enforcer is broken, dangerous, and determined to claim me…

    The first time I meet Stone Ferraro, it’s hate at first sight, and then he kidnaps me. On his mafia boss’s orders, but still...not a great first impression.

    The second time I meet him, he calls me a derogatory name, and I knee him in the balls. Not exactly the sweet social worker look I was going for, but hey, it had to be done.

    The third time we meet, it’s over my ex-boyfriend’s—his identical twin brother’s—grave, and he shocks me with a mind-melting kiss.

    The fourth time we meet, he takes one look at my belly filled with his dead brother’s baby and declares me his.

    His to marry, his to take, his in every way.

    The Ferraro crime family’s most ruthless enforcer is broken, dangerous, and here to stay.

    And our story only gets crazier--and hotter--from there.

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    regular price: $3.99


    regular price: $3.99


    regular price: $5.99


    (Wild Irish #1)
    by Vi Carter


    Prisoner of Fortune
    (Fire & Vice #1)
    by Nikita Slater


    Her Dark Protector
    (The Gates of Fortorus #1)
    by Felicity Brandon

    DarkRomance, Crime


    DarkRomance, Crime


    DarkRomance, Dystopia

    Killing for me is easy. Loving is an entirely different thing.

    Una is the only person I ever gave a damn about, but she's off limits. I’m grateful she only spends the summer with us. I can't risk her getting involved in my life of crime. But now she’s here, all grown up, and this time, I don’t think I can stay away from her.

    When Una starts partying with Darragh, who’s as wild and unpredictable as they come, I can't afford keeping my distance any longer. Bodies seem to stack up wherever he goes. Cleaning up his messes used to be annoying. Now I have Una to consider, Una to protect.

    My family is belly deep in the criminal underworld, and she's a distraction I can't afford. The closer she gets to me, the more I'm spiraling out of control.

    I can't let her see who I really am, but I can't seem to let her go.

    Vicious is a two part story focusing on Finn and Shane O'Reagan.


    Sold to pay off a debt to the rich owner of a casino. He locked her up in his penthouse for his exclusive use. He held her captive, and punished her when she resisted. She knew he was a bad man, who did bad things. She had to get away before he took more than she could give.

    Khalid was used to taking what he wanted and walking away without regrets. Until he met Shania. Beautiful, sweet and uncorrupted by his world, he would protect her, cherish her, force her to submit. He would keep her locked away from the world and teach her to love him, in spite of her misgivings.


    "Fortorus they called it—for the brave—but as we passed through the colossal iron gates inside the prison, I knew better. This place wasn’t about fortitude or resilience. It wasn’t about hard work or stamina. This was a place to put us until they decided what to do with us. It was a place to torment us, to break us down.
    It was hell."

    Great Britain, 2024.
    A dark, dystopian place where rights have been eradicated and the rule of law is controlled by white, overbearing men with expensive educations and dangerously high cholesterols. Women are rounded up, and herded into a prisoner camp called Fortorus. The door to liberal democracy slammed shut.
    That's where I find myself.
    Alone and helpless.
    At the mercy of the malicious men in charge.
    But in the midst of this bleak nightmare, I forget the most basic rule of all.
    Never fall in love with the enemy...

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