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Until Forever Ends
(Beauty in Lies #2)
by Adelaide Forrest


The Alter
by Brynn Ford


Zylonn's Human Bride
(Tarrkuan Masters #1)
by Sue Lyndon

Abuse, Dark, Mafia


DarkRomance, Dystopia LimitedRelease


BDSM, SciFi, Aliens, ForcedMarriage


Some obsessions are forever.

Isabel Adamik made me need her. She made me crave her in a way I’d never seen coming. With tempting innocence tinged by that hint of darkness under her skin, she showed me everything I’d never dared to dream mi princesa could possess.
A Queen for the devil himself.
Nothing exists but the overwhelming need to make her mine in every way. To sear myself into her skin until she admits she loves me.


Some loves are worth killing for.

I fell in love with the devil, and he stripped away everything I thought I knew about myself. With beautiful lies and clever manipulation, he showed me a version of the world that seemed too good to be true.
Because it was.
He’s determined to possess me in every way. To strip down my defenses until there’s no part of me he doesn’t know. But sometimes...
Secrets are better left in the dark.


Ten years ago, I was a normal girl. Maybe not normal in the objective sense, but as normal as any other girl living in the city I called home. That was until my youth was hijacked by the Savage Syndicate. They violently took control of the city, locked us down, and forced a new version of normal.

That new normal was bloodshed and cruelty in the name of their twisted rule.

My only choice was to take a job as an alter at the city's infamous Tower. Sure, the job was in a bit of a moral gray area. It required me to alternate between angel and demon, serving winning players their fantasies or taking their lives for the bets they lost. If it meant survival, I was more than happy to deliver sex or death to greedy gamblers, depending on the night's assignment.

I was safe and things were looking up for me.

And then I went and screwed it all up. I did something stupid and it landed me at the feet of the Deity. He was the faceless, nameless man who ruled the Tower and his alters…a god over angels and demons.

I never expected to find something more than survival from this cruel existence.
But the Deity might offer more than I could have dreamed of having.


Yeah, I could fall for a man like him.
I just hope he doesn't kill me before I do.


The stern alien expects her absolute obedience.

Nova doesn't want to leave home, but she doesn't have a choice. The dome-cities on Earth need reactor material and the Tarrkuans are willing to provide it — in exchange for a steady supply of fertile human females, that is. Chosen by her own people, Nova must leave Earth and become the bride of a huge, fierce-looking alien named Zylonn.

Not long after her arrival on Tarrkua, Zylonn catches her speaking out against the trade agreement, and the no-nonsense alien scolds her and promises her a strapping. His stern words both surprise her and leave her quivering with anticipation. Will the handsome blue alien really punish her on their wedding night? And does he really expect her to call him Master?

Zylonn has been waiting for his human bride his entire life. One glance at Nova and he knows the reluctant female is meant to be his. She's the loveliest creature he's ever seen, and he can't stop stroking her beautiful golden hair or staring into her expressive blue eyes. He's shocked by her rebellious behavior, but he's determined to tame her, claim her, and make her his in every possible way.

A passion that knows no bounds soon flourishes between Zylonn and his precious little human. Once is never enough. He's driven to claim her again and again, and her sweet surrender calms the darkest parts of him. But when an old enemy threatens their union, he's forced to reveal a secret side of himself no one has ever seen. Can Zylonn protect the little human who holds his heart?

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