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Ruled By The Alpha: A Dystopian Omegaverse Anthology


A Wife for Silas
(The Dark Life of Silas Book 1)
by Tori Sullivan


Wicked Rivals
(Crown Point Academy Book 2)
by Kristin Buoni 



Abuse, Thriller


NesAdult, Abuse

In a decaying universe, one fact remains... Alphas rule all.

This collection of 13 Omegaverse romances will transport you to gritty dystopian worlds full of violence and pleasure, where Alphas and Omegas engage in a primal dance for control.

Brought to you by an amazing cast of Omegaverse authors, this collection is bound to leave you panting for more.

Featuring Stories By:

Nora Ash
Alison Aimes
L.V. Lane
Anna Fury
V.T. Bonds
E J Frost
Hannah Haze
Flora Quincy
Merel Pierce
Raevyn London
Marlowe Roy
D.E. Chapman


“Become my wife or become a casualty.”

Those were the two options billionaire tycoon Silas Arnett gave me when I was caught embezzling money from his company.

Accepting the proposal was a no-brainer, but I’d soon learn that he’d given me a deal hand delivered from the devil himself.

Silas gave me six months to become the perfect wife, stripping me of my name and identity to create the blank canvas he needed to mold me into his masterpiece.

All I had to do was follow his training manual and do what was expected of me in order to survive.

But all that glittered wasn’t gold, and Silas wouldn’t make this process easy for me. I still had a debt to pay, one that only accepted pain and blood as currency.

In six months, I would be the wife to a billionaire and have the chance to create the life and family I never had.

I just had to survive long enough to make it down the aisle.

They broke me.

I stepped into the game at Crown Point Academy without knowing the rules, and I got played. Now I’ve been framed for Cerina Vincent’s murder, turning me back into an outcast and unleashing havoc for me on campus.

I can’t let the bullies win. Can’t let them destroy my life. I have to find out who really killed Cerina… but that answer won’t come easy.

The closer I get to the truth, the worse things become. More lies, more secrets, more danger. The whole town seems to be hiding a dark, terrible truth, and I need to uncover it before it’s too late.

Unless it’s already too late…
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regular price: $7.99


regular price: $4.99


The Consumed Series
The Complete Collection
by Alex Grayson 


 The Dark Arts
Complete Duett
by Kitty Thomas 


Rough Ghost Lover
by Cassie Alexander

BDSM, Taboo


Dark, BDSM


Paranormal, BDSM, Horror

Sexual addiction, exhibitionism, and voyeurism…Three best friends, three different wickedly delicious sexual needs.Lose your inhibitions and get ready for a wildly sexy ride…

Sex Junkie
Abigail Summers is addicted to sex. Not by choice, but by her body’s demands. If she doesn’t have sex at least once a day, her body is wracked with unbearable withdraws. It’s not a lifestyle she chose for herself. When Colt Maverick walks into her life with his beautiful blue eyes, sexy as sin body, and possessive nature, she craves something more. Will he be enough to satisfy her insatiable desires?

Shamelessly Bare
Meet Teagan Zanders; fun-loving, sexy, and an exhibitionist. He enjoys having someone watch while he and his partners are giving and receiving pleasure. To him, it’s the ultimate high and extremely arousing. He’s never been tempted to settle down with one woman. That is, until he meets Willow Bennett. Now all he can think about is showing her just how good it could be if she lost her inhibitions and let him put her on display.

Hungry Eyes
Nathan is a watcher. There’s nothing more erotic than seeing desire on people’s faces as they writhe in pleasure or when their bodies tighten as they balance on the edge of ecstasy. He’s a loner, preferring to stay on the outside looking in. But from the first time he watched the woman in the apartment across from his, he knew she was different. She teases him with her soft touches and silent moans. Once he has her, there’s no way he’ll ever go back to simply watching.


The Con Artist
Art. Obsession. Twisted possession.

When starving artist Saskia Roth meets Lachlan Niche, a local art collector and tech tycoon, she has no idea how her life is about to change. One act of desperation, one con gone wrong, and she finds herself at the mercy of a powerful man she fears and despises–or so she thinks.

As her desire for him grows, life as his captive becomes something more… something that could both transform her and destroy her.

The Escape Artist
Claire was held captive for 43 days by a man who did unspeakable things to her.

Three years after her escape, she gets her revenge. The only problem is, she's got the wrong man.

God help her if he escapes.

I thought I had everything: a devoted husband, and a magnificent new house for us to start a family in.

But the house had secrets. The former owner, whose stern portrait hangs in the library -- I swear I can feel him watching me. Touching me. Wanting me.

I could convince myself it was all in my mind until I found out my husband cheated on me...but now, all bets are off.
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regular price: $3.99


regular price: $2.99


regular price: $3.99


Broken Brutal Hearts
(Crooked Paradise)
by Eva Chance


(The French Billionaires - Token Book 1)
von Marata Eros


A Billion Desires
(The Rosetti Crime Family Book 1)
by Jessa York

Mafia, Standalone


Billionaire, Mafia


Crime, Captive, Abuse

The Rosano brothers ruined me... and now they're going to pay.

The Rosanos were my father's strongest allies in the criminal underworld, and I couldn't help falling for the three heirs to the empire. But the brothers stole my innocence and treated me like a joke. I hid my humiliation, walked away, and never looked back.

Until now.

When a routine deal between our families falls apart in a hail of bullets, I'm the only one who can venture onto the Rosanos' turf to get to the root of the disaster. No one will suspect a woman of being a major player—especially not delicate, recently widowed Anthea Noble.

I'll find out who's out to screw us over and take care of them by my own special means. I'll also get my revenge on the men who ruined me years ago.

Darius, Lucan, and Felix have only gotten more gorgeous since I last saw them—and they're just as eager to crush me as I am to destroy them. But the deeper I tumble into our heated game of cat and mouse, the more pieces I uncover that don't add up.

Nothing here is as it seems. And my only hope of preventing all-out war may be trusting the men I've both loved and hated.


Faren Mitchell is everyone's favorite physical therapist:

Underneath the self-sacrificing brave front that everyone admires, is a woman who understands the terrible sacrifice she'll make for those Faren loves - namely, her mother - as the horrific secret of her past chases her. Until she meets Jared McKenna, who gives her:
A reason to live.
To hope.
To love.

Jared McKenna is everyone's hated billionaire.
Premier flesh club owner.

This billionaire can have any woman. He has. When he runs into Faren Mitchel with his Harley, tenderness awakens, warring with Mick's typical indifference.

But Faren can't reveal she works at one of Mick's strip clubs - or - that she has months to live. Faren believes she needs money more than she needs love.

When the psychopath from her past catches up with Faren, she's forced to be honest with Mick. Will her confession come too late to save her: Save them?

"Come to me, Lyla, and I’ll let your father live."

Three years ago, Lyla Dalton fled from the glittering lights of Las Vegas and the ruthless man who rules the criminal underworld, Gavin Pyre. She created a new identity and has been living a quiet life, but that’s at an end. He’s found her and is bringing her back to where she belongs. As Lyla navigates through the dark secrets of her past, she’s forced to face a man who won’t accept no for an answer from the woman he still claims as his.
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