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sale price: $4.99

Ruled By The Alpha: A Dystopian Omegaverse Anthology


Poor little human.

She shouldn’t have come to this Halloween party. Monsters lurk in the shadows… and we’re hungry.
My brother and I want her screams. Her slick. Her fear and pleasure.
We can’t wait to ravage her. She should be an easy, fun conquest…

So why does this time feel different?




regular price: $3.99

Brutal Temptation
(Azarov Bratva 2)
by Nessa Graye

BDSM, Taboo

A decade ago, my grandfather, Don of the Lucrezio Familgia, murdered my boyfriend.
Now, his twin brother is hungry for revenge.
And me.

Kirill is vicious. Brutal. Driven.
A Bratva assassin trained from childhood.
He’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants.
And now I’m his captive.
So why does being with him make me feel free?
Liberated. Desired. Owned.

Brutal Temptation is a Stand-Alone Dark Mafia Enemies to Lovers Captive Romance with Mature Themes and a Happily Ever After. It is the second book in the Azarov Bratva series. It can be read independently from the first book in the series.



regular price: $4.99

(Savage Alpha Shifters #1)
by D.D. Prince

Omegaverse, Shifters

Tyson Savage is even wilder as a man than he is as a wolf!

This paranormal shifter romance has biting, knotting, and a protective and possessive wolf shifter who catches the scent of his fated mate and decides nothing is going to stop him from making her his.

Ivy’s weekend misadventure in the sticks goes from bad to worse when she hits an animal with her car and winds up in a ditch. One minute, she’s faced with a giant black wolf and the next, he’s transformed into a naked man before her eyes. And he insists – she's coming home with him.

Tyson hasn't been in man form for years, for very specific reasons. Instead, he’s chosen to stay a wolf, deep in the forest. He didn't grow up with his pack and he doesn't have a solid understanding of human or shifter nature. All he knows is Ivy is meant to be his.



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