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regular price: $4.99


Kidnapped by the Mafia
(Sorvino Mobsters Book 1)
by Veda Rose


The Girl with the Gray Eyes
by L.V. Lane


Dead Love
by Audrey Rush

DarkRomance, Madia, Arranged Marriage


Omegaverse, Abuse


DarkRomance, Stalker

We have been enemies since birth. Now I am forced to marry him.
He is the ruthless don of the Italian mafia of New York. I am the Russian mafia princess.
When our family’s feud escalates, the solution is our arranged marriage.
I once wanted to murder him. Now I am supposed to share his bed.

I hate how good he looks, how perfectly his suits fit his incredible built.
I hate even more what sharing a house with him does to me.
His endless teasing, how he gets close, only a breath away…
His sweet promises, taken away a second later with brutally cold arrogance.

I refuse to love him, and I don’t need his protection.
I am skilled, I can handle myself in a fight.
Until our crime families clash once more and we both know what’s at stake.
Will the cold-hearted mafia don come for his kidnapped bride?

Or will he leave me to starve until I beg him to save me


I was an omega—an anomaly in a world of betas. A throwback, or so the kindly doctor told me.

Then she offered me a form of chemical sterilization to take away my 'unnatural' urges.

I didn't take her up on the offer, although I was too young to understand at the time.

But I didn't fit in and never would.

Until I met William Bremmer and found a connection for the first time in my life.

But fate had other plans, and catastrophic circumstances would send me to a primitive, uncivilized land outside the wall.

A place I'd secretly fantasized about.

A place where all the alphas lived.



She embodied perfection.
Innocent. Sheltered. Untouched.
Even as she stared out from her protective cage, my little flower secretly begged to be conquered.

But the only way to truly conquer an object that sacred, is to ruin every part of it.

So I ripped her from her stem. Plucked off every petal.
Destroyed her home and plunged her deep into mine.

And when her mother begged for her daughter back,
I took her daughter’s innocence instead.
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regular price: $4.99


regular price: $9.99


(Sons of Sin Book 1)
by Willa Jade


The Brit
(Unlawful Men 1)
by Jodi Ellen Malpas


Secret Bride
The Complete Trilogy
by Alta Hensley

DarkRomance, Age-Gap, Crime




DarkRomance, Bundle

Andre Valinov owns a piece of me.
A piece he refuses to take.
But a deal’s a deal. One I intend to honor.
Even if I made it with the devil.

I thought I was being smart.
Thought I could play a game I’d been watching my whole life.
I was wrong.
Andre is not the kind of man I expected to be taking me home.
I’m nothing more than a pawn to him. A way to prove he holds New York City’s underworld in the palm of his hand.
His power is immense. His control unyielding.
Everything he wants becomes his.

But someone is out to take it all away from him.
The power.
The control.
And me.


Pleasure has never been so deadly.

Rose Cassidy doesn't truly live; she just exists. Numbing herself to fear and pain is the only way she can survive in this cruel world. So when she's taken as collateral by the notorious Danny Black in a deadly game of power, she's thrown by the deep fear she feels rising within her. And, worse than fear, a profound desire. She's heard tales of The Brit. He's callous. Coldblooded. But no one ever said he was wickedly beautiful and darkly captivating. He sees past her mask, giving her a cruel sense of hope. But she must fight their twisted attraction or risk losing the one thing she survives for.

When Danny Black took an enemy's beautiful lover as security, he never anticipated the repercussions. Or the warped attraction they would share. Rose Cassidy pushes Danny to the brink of madness with her impenetrable façade and savage allure. He has to remind himself that she's bait. A solution to a problem. Yet she evokes powerful feelings in Danny, and feelings are risky when you're wanted dead by endless enemies.

The most dangerous game is about to be played.

But can either of them win?


Secrets must be kept.
Vows never broken.
Till death do us part…

Unless everything changes.
Captive in one life…
Kept in another…
Taken to now be the wife I am forced to be.

You will take this bride.
To have and to hold from this day forward.
Till death do you part.
This will be your solemn vow.

You have no choice.

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regular price: $4.99


regular price: $2.99


The Complete Trilogy
by DD Prince


Rescued and Ruined
(Warrior Elite Series Book 1)
by V.T. Bonds 


(Blood Ties Book 1)
by A.K. Rose

DarkRomance, Paranormal, Vampires, Bundle


Omegaverse, Abuse


DarkRomance, ReverseHarem, Mafia

Kyla Spencer refuses to feel. Feelings are messy; they're painful; they hold you back.
When the going gets tough, Kyla can deal. But when the going makes her try to feel...she gets going.
When she is abducted and presented as a gift to Tristan, a bored vampire prince who is destined to become something akin to a king, she has no choice but to face a few facts. Beyond facing that vampires are real Kyla has to face emotions that Tristan won't let her run from. Tristan is a gorgeous but arrogant vampire with a ravenous appetite. For ten years he hasn't had his hunger sated despite feeding constantly, looking for satisfaction.

From the second their eyes lock he knows there's something different about her. When he tastes her blood, the world is turned on its axis for both of them.


I thought being kidnapped by heartless scientists was the worst thing that could happen to me.
I was wrong.
Being rescued by a massive teal alien alpha covered in spikes was worse.

The scientists only wanted to experiment on me.
He wants to ruin me.


Family is everything…

I always knew my father was a cold, heartless bastard.

But the moment he took Elle Castlemaine and her pathetic daughter into our home, barely a month after our mom died, he unleashed something savage inside me.

I didn’t care they lost their home. Didn’t care their father was behind bars.

Didn’t care he betrayed the notorious Stidda Mafia boss, Benjamin Rossi, and now their lives were in danger.

All I cared about was her.


I wanted to hurt her. Wanted to make her squirm.

I wanted to make her pay for the moans coming from my father’s bedroom.

When he slipped a ring onto her mother’s finger, Ryth became mine.

Mine to bully.

Mine to break.

And I’ll use my brothers to do it.

She’ll become our favorite obsession.

Our sick, tormented game.

She’ll become the only thing I think about, until not thinking about her tears me apart.

I’ll hate her. I’ll hate her so much it hurts…

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