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regular price: $3.99


regular price: $4.99


regular price: $4.99


Scent Of Desire
(Scent #2)
by Shanen Ricci


Reaping the surge
(Trials of Turton 1)
by K.M. Wilding


Flowers For The Devil by Vlad Kahany

DarkRomance, DarkFantasy


DarkRomance, DarkFantasy



Our tale truly began the day I awoke the heart of a monster.

Together, we were more than a tale of obsession.

We were the impossible that happened.

The scorching combination of two opposite aromas that had stopped battling their desires to plunge into the void together.

We were more powerful than love and more lethal than chaos.

I had offered the Devil a scent of pure desire, and he offered me his humanity.

His shadows bloomed my blackness, stalking to make me his queen in his stygian realm.

I was his only weakness, the one he’d burn the earth for, and he was whom I could not escape.

In a quest to find his soul, I was exposing myself to an uncertain fate: to flower his light at the price of being consumed by my own tenebrosity.

And now, we would have to make a choice, between destruction and redemption, darkness and light, the smell of death lurking in the corners.


The Rose

All I ever wanted in life was freedom. Having lived most of mine hidden away, I craved it. As I stand here now, moments away from death, staring into the eyes of the man who wants to see me burn. I knew I would never get the chance to be free. All I want now is the chance to survive. The only way to do that is to reveal who I am, what I am. A risk I have to take to protect those I love.

The Elite

Being feared was something that gave me satisfaction. It brought me peace to the chaos inside my mind. The smell of blood, shattering bones or hearing the cries of those suffering. I loved every moment. Until I saw her. I no longer wanted to watch her burn. I wanted her for so much more. No one knew what was about to happen and before I could stop her, she altered all our lives forever. Tustin would never be the same again.


Love can be a devil and a saint.

Two men. One woman.
Two lies. One truth.
A happening that left London speechless.
A witness—the entire city.

On December 19th, 1851, a crime took place in the center of London. One of the few who knows what truly happened is Countess Alina Bronskaya.
But she will never speak of it.
The crime is her curse and her salvation.
Her culprits are the men who gave her their hearts.
One is a gentleman-devil.
The other is the Duke of Ravenaugh.
This is a story of redemption.
And in the center of it all—love. Passionate. Overpowering. Changing the course of history.
The sort of love that can ruin a man. The one that can save him...

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regular price: $4.99


regular price: $3.99


regular price: $4.99


Love is a game
(Bloody Romance #3)
by Shanna Bell


Sinful Vow
(Dark Mafia Sins1)
by Emily Bowie


Furore: Texas Chapter Duet Part One
(The Night Skulls MC #1)
by N.J. Adel

DarkRomance, Mafia


DarkRomance, Mafia, Crime


DarkRomance, MC
US/UK only

When the player gets played...

My father sold me to a monster.

I turned from a co-ed into a property.

I’ll do anything to gain my freedom.

It started as a game.

Then I got stuck with her. For life.

She will pay for playing me...


Luca Rossi isn’t my fiancée.
He stole me in the middle of the night.
Now, I’m expected to marry the enemy.

Luca Rossi is the heir to my family’s greatest rival within the Italian mafia. He’s cocky, ruthless, and has a keen sense of when I need him the most.

When I look into his eyes, I see his hatred for what I represent. While I see another arrogant mafia man trying to control me.

On the eve of my arranged marriage, he’s the last person I expect to see. Like the thief he is, he steals me in the night, setting off a war that had been brewing for years.


Unwanted by my own father, dumped by my ex, all I want is someone to tell me I’m good enough
Then, Furore, the Night Skulls MC president, the cartel’s man and the Lanza Mafia crime family’s friend, shows up in the prison writing class I teach and looks at me like I’m his good girl
About to be his very bad girl…

Even if his protective arms save me, when you trust an animal in a cage you never know when he’ll bite
He won’t just leave a mark
He’ll brand you with blood and ink
His property forever
But when our secrets are intertwined in the most forbidden way, threatening to destroy us both, will he still be my protector or the one who delivers my soul to the hell I’ve been running away from all my life?

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regular price: $3.99


regular price: $2.99


regular price: $4.99


 A Single Glance
(Irresistible Attraction #1)
by Willow Winters


(Impossible #1)
by Julia Sykes


Comfort Food
by Kitty Thomas

DarkRomance, BDSM, Crime


DarkRomance, BDSM


BDSM, DarkRomance, Abuse

I saw her from across the bar.
My bar. My city. Everything in that world belonged to me.
She stood out from the crowd like she was looking for someone to blame for her pain.

That night, I felt the depths of my mistakes. I felt my scars. With a single glance, I knew her touch would take it all away. I craved it more than anything.

I knew she would be a tempting, beautiful mistake.
One I would make again and again... even if it cost me everything.


My life was irrevocably changed that night; the night I was taken. I saved a man's life, but at what cost to myself? Can I convince him to save me in return?

I hate him for what he's done to me. But the longer I'm trapped with him, the harder it is to cling to that hatred. He is an enigma of a man, one who is shockingly arrogant, sweetly contrite, and frighteningly aggressive by turns. And the pain in his eyes is a mirror for my own.

The longer I remain in his grip, the more confused I become.

Is my freedom worth betraying him?

My captive is beautiful, cunning, and defiant. The alluring combination pleases the monster in me. I want to conquer that defiance and take possession of her beauty. I crave to claim her innocence and keep it for myself.

But the man I am knows nothing could be more wrong.

I have to decide which is stronger: the monster or the man? Either way, one thing's for certain. I'm never letting her go.

The first day of my captivity was like being born... or dying. They're both kind of the same thing with the long tunnel and the bright light at the end. Maybe it wasn't like either, actually. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong because for me that day all there was was darkness.

Today I found something beautiful and decided to break it. I wanted to see it shatter in my hand and crumble at my feet. Her name is Emily Vargas.She's bright and educated and stunning. Articulate. She'll want someone to talk to her.
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