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99ct SALE



regular price: $3.99


regular price: $3.99


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(Omega Prey #3)
by L.V. Lane


When Art Rises
(Living in Cin #1)
by Lorrain Allen


His Devil's Desire
(Club Devil's Cove #1)
by Linzi Basset



DarkRomance, NewAdult, US/UK only


DarkRomance, BDSM

First I was a broken Beta.
Now I am a broken Omega.
My mates are worried; I am worried.
Trapped, and a prisoner of my home lest my scent send Alphas mad with lust.
I just need a moment.
But I won’t get one.
For tonight brings outlaws who remind me that I am prey.
  Arthur “Art”

The moment I die, I’m going straight to hell, and that’s exactly where I belong.

When I was fifteen, the course of my life changed—one second was all it took.

The truth about what happened that summer night is driving me to the brink of

I’m an ex-drug addict and suicide survivor who’s been deemed a lost cause. No one can control me.

I don’t give a damn about anything—until I meet her.

She’s a “Cin” worth committing.

Cinnamon “Cin”

I have a life most would envy—a track star with a full scholarship lined up after I graduate high school.

My boyfriend and I are looking forward to our future together. I’m content—until I meet him.

He’s dangerous, damaged, and I know it’s best to keep my distance, but damn I’m drawn to him.

Art is a beautiful disaster, tearing my carefully laid plans apart, causing havoc.

Little did I know my choice would set in motion the destruction of my perfect world.

The consequences will be catastrophic once the dust settles.
  “Why do I get the feeling that you’re indulging me, Samantha?”
Her eyes widened innocently. “Me, indulge you? You should be so lucky. Oh no, this is all self-indulgence.”

Rhone has ducked trouble many times. As an undercover agent, you see a lot of shit. But this time trouble came wrapped up in an alluringly seductive package.

Samantha Frazer.

She's good with her hands . . . er, at carving wood. She's even better with her mouth . . . huh . . . snippy little thing. Also, her aim is dead centre. She's gunning for his heart, in more ways than one.

From the moment Samantha lays eyes on . . . um . . . all of him, she's hooked. Rhone Greer is mouth-watering. He's also one of the owners of Club Devil’s Cove and the most compelling Dom she’d ever met. He's hot, controlling and hungry . . . for her. Lust and manipulation make strange bed partners as Rhome and Samantha combust between the sheets.

The game is on. Who will bite? Who’ll get devoured?

Unbeknownst, a sinister plot is underfoot and everyone is a target. As ghosts from the past resurface, there is only one question to be asked.

Who will live . . . who will die?
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