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sale price: $0.99


regular price: $2.99


regular price: $4.99


Heartless Heroes
by C. Hallmann, J.L. Beck, Sarah Roberts, D.S. Wrights, et. al.


Wicked Legacy
(Crown Point Academy Book 1)
by Kristin Buoni 


(Daddies of the Shadows Book 3)
Kate Oliver

DarkRomance, Anthology


DarkRomance, NewAdult, BullyRomance


DarkRomance, Vigilante

Some heroes want to save the world. Some will burn it down for the one they love.
Call them villains, anti-heroes, criminals, and monsters.
But these dark men love deeply and fiercely, and are ready to go to the ends of the earth to save their soulmate.

They will tempt you.
Captivate you.
Drag you into darkness, and leave you breathless.
They'll show you how good love can be in the dark.

There's a spark between these pages, and these Heartless Heroes will set your world on fire.

Morally grey is the favorite color of these twenty new and bestselling authors. Grab your copy now to read all the dark shades of love painted by these Heartless Heroes.

Authors in this set include:
J.L. Beck & C. Hallman, Sahara Roberts & Dori Pulitano, Sonya Jesus, H. D. Carlton, Lola West, D.S. Wrights, Elizabeth Miller, Lily Wildhart, Morgan James, A.R. Breck, Brynn Ford, Indie Black & Sienna Cousins, Isabella Phoenix & Victoria Pauley, Suki Williams, Ashley Gee, D.W. Marshall, and M.L. Philpitt


They’re young, rich, wild… and dangerous.

Being the new girl is never easy anywhere, but nothing could’ve prepared me for Crown Point Academy. It’s the best prep school in the country, but it’s also a minefield of lies and trickery, full of snakes and sycophants who serve the rich kids who’ve deemed themselves campus royalty.

Jax Kingsley and Cerina Vincent reign as king and queen of the academy, and no one dares to cross them. Except me. I made the mistake of standing up to both of them, and now I have a massive target painted on my back.

They’ll do anything to break me. Humiliate me. Ruin me.

Especially Jax, the ruthless devil I’m forced to cohabit with now that our parents are dating. He’s as cruel as he is handsome, and he’s made it clear he won’t stop tormenting me until I’m on my knees begging for mercy. That’s never going to happen, though. He might have the whole school at his feet, but he’ll never have me.


I should know better than to go along with his toxic, twisted games, but I can’t resist. I’ve got more guts than anyone realizes, and I’m not afraid to play dirty.

It’s an all-out war on campus this semester, and by the time the dust has settled, someone will be dead. If I’m not careful… it could be me.

That night, seven years ago, had been the worst night of her life. She had been attacked and would probably have been killed if it weren’t for him. Beau - the man who had killed for her. Of course, she had never forgotten him, and now she was ready to find him to thank him in person. What she hadn’t expected was how her body reacted to his presence and how his dominant personality made her finally feel safe.

When she walked into his gym, Beau recognized her at once. It had been seven years, and not a day had gone by without wondering if she was okay... But the eyes that looked back at him now weren't those of the wounded child he had rescued that night. She was an adult now, and everything about her made his protective Daddy instincts come to life, and he knew that the little girl he'd been searching for had found him. Could he convince her that he was the Daddy she so badly needed?
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regular price: $2.99


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regular price: $8.99


Knocked Up by the Beast
(Kingdoms Book 1)
Aria R. Blue


Hostage of the Hitman
(Alexis Abbott's Hitmen Book 6)
Alexis Abbott


Kindred: Volume One
(Books 1-3)
Scarlett Finn

DarkRomance, Mafia, Fairy Tale Retelling, Standalone


DarkRomance, Mafia, Standalone


DarkRomance, NewAdult, Bundle

I used to believe in fairy tales.

And then I met him.

They call him the Beast.

Cold, calculating eyes watched my every move.

He pushed me up against the walls of his castle, and growled against my neck that he owned me now.

But beneath the savage, I glimpsed a man.

I gave myself to him.

I let him dominate every inch of my curves and glimpse every corner of my heart.

When it was his turn to do the same, it all went dark.

I get a peek into his real world for the first time—a world of ruthless killers and heartless criminals.

His baby grows inside me as long-buried secrets start to unravel—each of them more devastating than the last.

Real intentions surface.

I discover that everything I once believed to be true is really a lie.

There are no such things as fairy tales.

And only time will tell if I dodged a bullet or made the biggest mistake of my life.


She needs to behave, or I’ll be forced to punish her.

Delaney Underwood is sexy as hell, with a killer body, wicked smile, and a spoiled rotten demeanor.

She's a pampered rich girl, thinking she can get anything she wants, whenever she wants. It pisses me off. I've struggled to survive, and I have the scars to prove it. Delaney’s going to make me a wealthy man, once her parents pay to get their precious angel back. But every time I look at those sassy lips, I wanna put them to good use.

Delaney has gotten under my skin and she knows it. Even before I took her hostage, she'd somehow managed to work her way into my blood, and my heart hammers harder in my chest every time she stares daggers in my direction. She's craving someone like me in her life, whether she knows it or not, and with every bratty outburst, a part of me calls out to discipline her. She needs to be taught a lesson.

And I need her, all to myself.

I promised to ransom her off, but once I have a taste of her sweet curves, I'm keeping her to myself.

She’s the hitman’s hostage and she’ll learn to love it.


Two captive dancers. One cruel master. A single performance to determine whether they live or die.


I've served the four families since I was kidnapped three years ago.
I've accepted my fate, knowing that escape is impossible.
My villainous master abuses me, but I've learned to live this lonely life.
I've become complacent in my misery… then my master brings home another captive for me to train, and his presence changes everything.

I was violently taken and brought to kneel at her feet.
She demands that I dance with her, but I refuse to recognize anyone as my master.
Yet when I see the horror of her existence with my own eyes, I know I have to save her.
I could never have expected her to break down my walls… I could never have expected to form an unbreakable bond… I could never have expected to fall in love.

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regular price: $3.99


regular price: $4.99


regular price: $2.99


Because You're Mine
(Sins & Deceit)
by Claire Contreras


His Game
(His Obsession Book 1)
Angel Rayne


The Lady
(The Dirty Heroes Collection Book 14)
Golden Angel

DarkRomance, Mafia, Standlone


DarkRomance, Mafia


Historical, DarkRomance

I'M OFF LIMITS, but he doesn't care.
When you grow up in a family like mine, it's easy to identify the kind of men that are bad news.
They're the ones with experience.
The ones with secrets.
The ones that exude sex just by saying your name.
From the moment I laid eyes on Lorenzo, I knew he wasn't just bad news.
He was the headline.
But my head and my heart are at war.
He’s too mysterious, too gorgeous, too wild, and now, he wants me.
I should run far away.
So why am I racing toward him?
I’m totally going to get burned.
I know it.
A man like Lorenzo won’t leave me unscathed.
He'll make ashes of me.


She tries to escape. She tries to reason with me. And then she tries to change the rules. But this is my game, and I won’t be played. I own her now…

Three years ago, I let down my guard, and I paid the ultimate price when the woman I loved was murdered right in front of my eyes.

I have a chance to make it right. To earn back the respect of my father and my place in the family as the underboss. A way to finally take my revenge on the bastard who took her away…

By stealing his fiancé.

Veda is a means to an end, a weakness I can’t afford to have, and I’m obsessed with having her.

If I was a decent man, I would let her go.

But I am not that kind of man.


To stay safe in a world she's never known, this lady will pay a steep price...

Adored. Cherished. Pampered. Lady Delilah Darling lives an enviable life. But when cruel hands drive her away from home and into the dangerous streets of London, she's suddenly frightened, vulnerable, and alone. Desperate for safety, Lady Delilah stumbles right into the arms of Henry Trampine, the irresistible overlord of the London Underground.

Known as The Tramp to his contemporaries, Henry rules his dark world with both charm and violence, bending the willing and breaking all others. Intent on claiming the newly fallen Lady Delilah for his own, Henry offers her protection for a price. Now Delilah is leashed. Claimed. Mastered. And as she accepts her fate as The Tramp's pet, she's left with one question: will she also be loved?

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